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Verizon Launches V Cast App Store with 1-Click App Purchasing


Verizon app store

Verizon has began to roll out its V Cast Apps on select BlackBerrys such as the Bold 9650, Storm2 9550, Curve 8530 and Tour 9630. The V Cast Apps store is going to provide users with a convenient way to purchase applications and add them to their monthly bill. Carrier billing is said to come with App World 2.0, and it looks like Verizon has beat them to the punch. If your BlackBerry is compatible and on BIS, you will receive an icon pushed to your device that links to V Cast Apps.

With such convenient app purchasing, it should be interesting to see how it affects App World numbers. Verizon has also claimed that their V Cast Apps has attracted several thousand developers. Developers selling apps on V Cast Apps will receive 70% revenue share on their apps, making it an attractable sales channel.

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Will Verizon Kill BlackBerry App World?


Verizon VCAST Music for BlackBerry Storm

With Verizon set to roll out its app store, you have to wonder about the fate of App World. I’m not positive about the exact numbers, but I’ve heard from people in the industry that Verizon customers make up a huge proportion, we’re talking 80-90% of App World’s user base. Verizon’s Ryan Hughes, VP Partner Management, said in an interview that the Verizon app store will be the sole marketplace on devices sold by the company, meaning there is no hope for App World ever coming preloaded.
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