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The Need for Marketing Standards Across App Stores


A&T marketing requirements
The above shows some of the marketing requirements needed to submit to AT&T

Anyone who has a portfolio of apps and multiple sales channels knows the pain of submitting marketing assets. Whether it’s App World, Mobihand, AT&T, VCast or Rogers Mall, they all ask for their own ridiculous banner, splash and screenshot sizes. Many industries have benefited from clear standards, and the various app stores around the world need to come to an understanding of marketing standards as well. The computer peripheral market has benefited tremendously from adopting standards, so lets get the app stores on board with a set of standards as well; for everyone’s sake.
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Vote in the V CAST Apps: Power Your Apps Contest


Verizon app contest

Verizon is running the V CAST: Power Your Apps contest and you can vote for your favorite app directly from your device. Developers from around the US are competing to be featured as the customer favorite in Verizon Wireless retails stores and on the Media Store online. Vote for your favorite app by trying and rating it in V CAST Apps. The app with the highest cumulative rating wins.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Open the V CAST Apps application (assuming it’s compatible with your device.
2. Look for the V CAST Apps icon VCAST icon
3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and continue to the V CAST Apps menu.
4. Open the “Apps Contest” category and download one or more of the apps that you like best.
5. Launch and rate your downloaded apps from the My Apps folder.
6. Once you rate your apps, your vote has been recorded.
Hit the jump to check out the 5 finalists:
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Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 SKUs Indicate Possible BlackBerry 6 Preload



Verizon’s November rebate form reveals that there are two new SKUs for the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which hints at it being a new version of the product. It’s very possible that Verizon has just changed the SKU for inventory or unrelated reasons, but it’s also possible that those SKUs mean the Bold 9650 is shipped with a preloaded version of BlackBerry 6. Hopefully the BlackBerry 6 preload is the case because this device needs it asap.

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Verizon Developer Conference: Some Thoughts on the V CAST App Store


Verizon Developer Conference

We’re here at the Verizon Developer Conference and there the V CASt App Store is probably the most relevant topic for BlackBerry developers here at the show. Hit up after the jump for the good, the bad and what we can expect from the V CAST app store.
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RIM and Verizon Announce the BlackBerry Curve 3G


blackberry curve 3G t-mobile

Today, RIM and Verizon announced the BlackBerry Curve 3G. The Curve 3G 9300 features, of course 3G, but it’s also BlackBerry 6 compatible. With the 8520 floating around for a little cheaper, users will have to make up their mind about whether the price increase is worth the BlackBerry 6 potential and 3G. If you’re in the market for a Curve, you might as well spend the little bit extra up front to get these features.
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Verizon Deploys Open Source Database Perst Lite for Field Technicians with BlackBerrys


verizon and mcobject

Verizon has recently deployed the Perst Lite object-oriented, open source embedded database system from McObject in BlackBerry software for service and repair technicians. The application will eventually be rolled out for use by thousands of Verizon personnel. The company has said that they have sold up to 5,000 licenses of Perst Lite to Verizon, which is a great deal for any organization.
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