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Mike Lazaridis on Data Compression, Video and the Competition


Reuters put out more details about the TD Newcrest technology conference where Mike Lazaridis spoke about the smartphone industry and where he believes it’s heading. One of the major topics of discussion was regarding data compression, and the fact that smartphones are increasingly being used to consume rich media.

Devices such as the iPhone and DROID are great for browsing the web and watching video, but these smartphones use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones, and I’ve heard about 3-8 times what a BlackBerry uses.
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Qualcomm hid patents, foots Broadcom’s legal bill


FacepunchQualcomm takes a second hit today, now with a federal judge ruling that Qualcomm had hidden video compression patents until deciding to sue Broadcom for using them. As a result, Qualcomm had waived its rights to legally protect the patents, and on top of that the judge has ordered them to pay Broadcom’s legal fees. Ouch. Paired up with The Feds giving Qualcomm no mercy, it’s been a rough day for the bearded industry giant.