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Solid YouTube Video Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9780


A Dutch consumer website reviewed the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with a really solid video (subtitled) and put it up on YouTube. Some highlights of the review include:

  • The pictures won’t blow you away.
  • They’ve doubled the RAM.
  • Review device running

The review in Dutch can be found here.

Video of BlackBerry Platform Benefits for Enterprise


YouTube link

The official BlackBerry YouTube channel features a pretty cool video demonstrating the benefits of the BlackBerry platform for enterprise. The video does a good job of explaining in simple terms why an organization should use the BlackBerry “platform”.

The video also has some interesting testimonials including:

  • BlackBerry saves us 100 days in productivity per year. (VW Financial Services)
  • BlackBerry provides an ROI of 560%. (Forrester Research)
  • BlackBerry saves enough time to make another car. (A company CIO)

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Video of the BlackBerry 9780 Running BlackBerry 6


YouTube link

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a pretty slick looking device that is basically the Bold 9700 but with some minor tweaks to the look and running BlackBerry 6. The above video of the 9780 gives a 5 minute walkthrough of some of the features including a preloaded facebook and podcasting app. This particular video shows off some of the Webkit browser which is one of the most highly anticipated features. Enjoy!

Awesome Video of BlackBerry 6 Setup On a 9800 Torch Slider


The setup process for a BlackBerry is generally boring slow. On the other hand, the setup process for a BlackBerry running 6 looks really fun and smooth. The intro video is very impressive and walks you through the basic features of BlackBerry 6. The video starts off by showing you how to move the menu and use the basic touchscreen features. No longer do you have to relearn how to type an ‘@’ symbol, and instead the video shows you some fun functionality. Thanks RIM!

Browse BlackBerry Videos by Thumbnails with Good Video Browser


This application is named appropriately as “Good Video Browser” because that’s exactly what it is. This app allows you to view your BlackBerry video files as thumbnails. The app was recently updated to support MP4 video files, encrypted content and the search has been expanded to the Memory Card root folder. All of the videos on your device are scanned and organized into a gallery where you can browse the thumbnails. Videos are easy to find and view from the gallery. The app also features the ability to send videos by email and delete from the gallery.

More information available from the BlackBerryCool Store.

A closer look at the BlackBerry Bold 9700


UPDATE: Sorry folks, looks like the video has been removed. Until next time!

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is shaping up to be one of the most impressive devices in the RIM product line. The device is part of the Bold product line meaning that it’s geared towards high level executives and CEOs. That means that it will be relatively expensive and come with all of the features you would expect from a high-end smartphone.

The above video is a quick look at the form factor and trackpad functionality. It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to trying this one out.