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Second Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial now out


Verizon has released another BlackBerry Storm 9530 commercial, continuing where their first teaser commercial left off. It’s great to see Verizon actually showing footage of the device in action this time, but I wonder about the subject matter of any future commercials? Maybe it fasts forwards to the Storm owners first bill, whereupon he realizes that mobile music downloads can add up quicker than you think? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Free mobile file conversion


Josep just pointed us to Beam it up Scotty, which chews up picture, document, music and video files and spits mobilized versions back at you via SMS download link. We aren’t getting any luck with a Canadian phone number, but considering it’s German, we might guess this is just for European users right now. (Edit: I’m a dumbass, just didn’t put 00 before my phone number.) Anyway, give it a shot and leave a comment letting us know how it works.