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Deadliest Catch, Gossip Girl, Batman and more videos for BlackBerry



Bla1ze makes sure you don’t miss your favorite shows and movies by making them available for all BlackBerry devices. Here is a roundup of some of the most popular TV and Kids content on his site, Videos4BlackBerry.

Popular TV

Deadliest Catch

Gossip Girl

Breaking Bad
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Free BlackBerry Video Applications – What Do You Use?


As more people get on Twitter and Facebook, we seem to have a fascination with sharing our every detail with the world around us.  Sure, pictures are good, but video is so much more fun (at least for those with big data plans).  For those of you who are interested in living your life in front of a camera and have OS 4.5, we have four streaming/sharing video applications for you to check out.  Do you use any of these?  Is there a free (or paid) BlackBerry video application that we left out?  Hit us up in the comments so we can try ‘em out.

Qik – a live streaming video application for BlackBerry devices that has integration with Twitter.  They are currently working on direct integration of Facebook.

ITookThisOnMyPhone – allows you to take pictures and videos and upload them automatically or manually to their server or to photo and video sites such as Flickr, Picasa and YouTube.  Then you can catch embed codes and post them to your favorite places.

Next2Friends -Next2Friends seems to be a blend of Qik and ITookThisOnMyPhone.  Here you can stream video and upload pictures automatically.  Next2Friends also allows you to get embed codes to place your videos on your Facebook profile, blog or other location.  Additionally, they add Ask where you take a picture, add a question and send it to a friend for their opinion.

12Seconds.tv – this is a bit different as it is not quite an application but a place where you can email your videos, similar to the way Twitpic works with photos.  After sending the upload, you can have 12Seconds.tv post your video automatically to Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed.  12Seconds.tv also has direct integration to TweetDeck to make it really easy to upload a video from your computer. Note: If you use Sprint, use your @sprint.blackberry.net email address to send videos to 12Seconds.tv.


SlingPlayer for BlackBerry beta now open to all


The SlingPlayer for BlackBerry beta we told you about a few weeks back has launched today and is now available to all. The public beta is available to BlackBerry users in the US, Canada and UK and SlingPlayer has a list of recommended BlackBerry devices, which you can see below.

    * BlackBerry Bold
    * BlackBerry Curve 8900
    * BlackBerry 8820
    * BlackBerry Curve 8320
    * BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
    * BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    Requires OS 4.5

To see the complete requirements and download instructions, head to the link below. After the public beta, SlingPlayer is offering a free 30 day trial and then charging $29.99 for full purchase.



BlackBerry Application Suite does exist — HTC Touch Pro video proof!


For those of you that thought yesterdays photos of a virtual BlackBerry OS running on a Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro were fake, the video above should put you at ease. As someone that has been using the BlackBerry Storm for awhile, the concept of navigating the BlackBerry OS with a stylus doesn’t seem too weird. Of course, the whole WinMo thing makes me feel dizzier than Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. Keep up the good work, Ronen!

|via BerryReview|

Thorough BlackBerry Storm hands-on


I know what you’re thinking: another Storm video? I get it, by now you’ve probably made up your mind as to whether or not you’re a BlackBerry Storm fan. However, to borrow a line from recent elections, there are likely still many ‘swing voters’ on the fence about this touchscreen business. The video above is one of the best we’ve seen in demonstrating the basic functionality of the Storm’s OS, if you can ignore the dreaded BlackBerry Buzz. If you can’t decide after watching this video, you might as well leave the choice up to Santa.

|via CB|

Telus makes great BlackBerry commercials


You have to hand it to Telus: they sure know how to uniquely brand their BlackBerry offering. For your viewing pleasure, we have two Christmas themed Telus commercials featuring the BlackBerry Storm (“Coming Soon”). Let’s hope Santa puts one underneath the BBCool Christmas tree.

You can find the second Telus BlackBerry commercial after the jump. Post a comment and let us know which one you like the best!

Telus BlackBerry Storm commercial