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Viigo updates website with modules and new video for enterprise


Like any useful application for BlackBerry, Viigo has an enterprise version. Included in this enterprise version, is the ability to get financial data pushed to your device. The above video demonstrates how an enterprise may choose to use Viigo.

There is also a new Modules section to the Viigo website. These pages provide an overview of what the application is capable of.

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M.insight Viigo channel now available


MWW Group launched a new Viigo channel that’s perfect for PR groups.

M.insight aggregates RSS content from a hand-picked group of highly respected blog and news sites within the industry so the user doesn’t have to dig through hundreds of blogs to get to articles that really matter to them.

M.insight features content in four main categories, in addition to two house categories:
• Social Media
• Public Relations
• Marketing & Branding
• Advertising
• MWW/DialogueMedia
• D.insight

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Viigo gets conference exclusives and adds tennis service features


Viigo has got 2 solid updates for you this week. The first is Viigo’s tennis service now offers the ability to quickly and easily access live match results, the schedule of upcoming tournaments and the world rankings for both the ATP men’s professional tennis tour and the WTA or women’s professional tennis tour.

The second update is that there are a couple of big media/television conferences taking place in Banff starting tomorrow where Viigo is the official mobile app for both events.

More details about the conferences in the press release.


Rupert Murdoch’s predictions for newspaper on BlackBerry


News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday that the future of newspapers is digital, but it may be 10 to 15 years before readers go fully electronic.

“Instead of an analog paper printed on paper you may get it on a panel which would be mobile, which will receive the whole newspaper over the air, (and) be updated every hour or two,” he said.

“You’ll be able to get the guts or the main headlines and alerts and everything on your Blackberry, on your Palm or whatever, all day long.

“I think it’s two or three years away before they get introduced in a big way and then it will probably take 10 years or 15 years for the public to swing over.”

Does anyone else think that Rupert is a little behind the times technologically? How can he say we’re 2 or 3 years away before news on your BlackBerry is introduced in a big way? With Viigo, you get your news updated every minute. The Wall Street Journal and a host of other newspapers already have BlackBerry apps. Someone needs to get Rupert App World so he can catch up with the rest of us.



Viigo and Baystreet.ca offer Canadian financial news


BayStreet.ca is a great resource for Canadian financial news. With a new partnership with Viigo, BayStreet.ca content, ranging from breaking news to analysis of penny stocks, from global market roundups to economic commentary, will be available on the Viigo application. This makes the news effortless for people to access, easy to read and always up-to-date.

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Viigo introduces soccer updates - UEFA, La Liga, Serie A and MLS


Viigo has upgraded all of their European soccer (or football) coverage including UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and have now introduced MLS. The upgrades include improved live scores and complete game scores across the board. They have also added standings and schedules as well as team by team scores and schedules.

The news comes as Major League Soccer has begun its 13th season, and Viigo’s home team, Toronto FC, are in their third year. Viigo is here to help you stay current on what is going on in the league.


Viigo adds Craigslist to their ever-expanding application


The Viigo updates just cannot be stopped. Viigo has recently added Craigslist to their application. With 20 countries and approximately 600 cities now supported, you can take the Craigslist classifieds with you on the go. Located in “local interest,” you can select from categories including Community, Housing, Items For Sale, Services, Jobs, Gigs, Resumes, Personals and Events.

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Viigo now available in Singapore via M1


Guess what? More Viigo news! Viigo has been selected as a Featured App by M1, a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore.

Under the terms of this partnership, Viigo will immediately be available via the M1 Portal, and will automatically appear on the home screen of all M1 BlackBerry devices going forward.

“We’re thrilled that M1 has chosen Viigo as a featured application for their BlackBerry devices,” said Mark Ruddock, CEO, Viigo. “We are committed to serving the needs of carriers around the world, providing their subscribers with a compelling reason to switch to the latest generation of smartphones.”

So if you’re in Signapore, get ready to have your life Viigo’d.


Viigo launches tools for financial advisors from Dynamic Funds


Viigo’s updates just keep coming. Their latest update includes a partnership with Dynamic Funds to make online content and support tools for financial advisors easily accessible on a Blackberry.

The latest channel addition will get you over 300 funds with information on daily change by value and percentage, the closing price and the previous day’s price. There is also a news channel that features commentary from Dynamic portfolio managers, a calendar that details upcoming events such as webinars, practice management resources and audio podcasts.

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Viigo partners with Pageonce to offer premium services


Viigo has about an announcement per week and it’s great for meeting the consumer demand for features. Their latest announcement is a partnership with Pageonce to provide a premium accounts directory. Pageonce is a personal productivity assistant that allows users to get all their personal online accounts password-free, in the palm of their hand: monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track cell minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles, and view your Netflix queue, social networks, online shopping accounts, and email.

Pageonce accounts update automatically so the user has no need to manually input any data. Manage accounts such as : Bloomberg, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Southwest, Comcast, AT& T, Blockbuster, LinkedIn, MySpace and thousands more.

Available for a free 14 day trial, Pageonce, now available in the Stocks & Finance service, is Viigo’s first for-a-fee feature. The Pageonce integration significantly augments the Stocks & Finance service that presently includes the ability to build custom stock portfolios or view industry portfolios, access exchange rates and receive the latest breaking financial news and analysis.

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