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BlackBerry Cool readers get 25% off eBooks at Fictionwise


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Personally, I’ve never read an entire book on my BlackBerry, but I might just give it a try. Viigo is a part of my daily reading habits and if the font size were right, and the interface was clean, I could see myself going through a full eBook on my BlackBerry.

If you want to try it out, or you’re looking for another book, Fictionwise are offering BlackBerry Cool readers 25% off with the coupon code “blackberrycool25″ (sans quotes). The coupon is good until the 30th of November.

Some instructions from Fictionwise:

For Fictionwise.com customers, every MultiFormat (unencrypted) eBook and every Secure eReader eBook will work on your BlackBerry. When you log in to your Fictionwise.com account from your BlackBerry, note that you will only see listed those eBooks that work with eReader for BlackBerry. You will not be shown eBooks that don’t work, such as Secure Microsoft Reader eBooks, etc. If you see it on your BlackBerry, you can download and read it.

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NHL on your BlackBerry



The Regular season of the NHL is back. Here are just a few ways that you can keep up with scores, info, and highlights when you’re away from the Den or the Sports bar.

Viigo: Being the ultimate mobile news app, Viigo has extensive sports options. You can get live scores, examine team rosters, league standings, even subscribe to team and news RSS feeds for all your Hockey news needs. Viigo has even partnered with the Toronto Maple Leafs to deliver news and info to their fans:

“We’re excited about our partnership with Viigo which gives our fans unprecedented access to all the information they want to know about the Maple Leafs, where they want and when they want,” said Chris Hebb, Senior VP of Broadcast and Content for Maple Leaf Sport. “Viigo also makes it very easy for Leafs fans to share information about their favourite hockey team with their friends and family anywhere in the world instantaneously.”

Here’s a guide to help you get Viigo set up for your custom mobile NHL news.

Download your free copy of Viigo for Blackberry

ScoreMobile: a leader in sports Programming in Canada The Score and has built a custom app featuring:

  • Up-to-the-minute boxscores
  • Fantasy player stats
  • Dynamic home screen icon
  • Live blogs
  • Detailed game previews
  • Detailed recaps

Download your free copy of ScoreMobile BlackBerry

The Hockey News: Hockey journalism favorite The Hockey News has a Polar Mobile app featuring in-depth articles, as well as quick scores, standings, and stat updates.

Got to THN.mobi to download The Hockey News app

Viigo releases Viigo News: a free light mobile RSS reader



Viigo is becoming known as an app that can do almost anything. They’ve recently gone back to their roots and released a light, RSS-only client called Viigo News.

You can’t run the Full Viigo app alongside the lighter Viigo News app so keep that in mind. Grab a copy of Viigo News or go for the high octane original Viigo that so many users rely on.


Viigo launches microblogging for enterprise users with StatusNet



Viigo has introduced a secure, mobile microblogging service for enterprise in conjunction with StatusNet support. This may be the first of its kind.

If you aren’t familiar with StatusNet, it’s basically a Twitter for corporate users. It’s a free, Open Source, microblogging platform where users can exchange 140 character messages either over the public Internet, or securely via a corporate Intranet.

While corporate Twitter accounts are generally very reserved due to brand and legal considerations, microblogging does mean more collaboration which makes it ideal for enterprise. By creating a secured microblogging service, companies can leverage the power of microblogging services, without worrying about the security implications.

For more information visit, the Viigo Enterprise Solutions page.


Viigo and the CFL partner to bring you live scores, schedules and more


The major thing the CFL is lacking is a tailgate culture. While it’s not big in Canada, it’s a ton of fun and Americans do it right.

Viigo and the CFL have partnered to create a content module for all your CFL needs. With this new module, you can get live scores, schedules, standings, breaking news and even purchase tickets directly from your BlackBerry.

If you already have Viigo, you’ll notice that the CFL module can be added to the home screen. Just select “Add Service” from the device’s menu and choose CFL.

Get the CFL version of Viigo at getviigo.com/CFL.

The Top 10 BlackBerry apps for summer travel


@ASacco put up a piece yesterday highlighting his 10 favorite apps for summer travel. The list is a nice roundup of some of the software you’ll need to stay organized, entertained and generally have a great summer.

Pandora for BlackBerry – Free

Pandora is a free streaming radio app for BlackBerry that lets you create stations based on artists, songs or composers of your choice. The app will learn from your tastes and offer suggestions you’re sure to like.

TeleNav Navigator – Free 30 day trial

TelevNav is a great solution for those looking to use their GPS-enabled BlackBerry for driving navigation.

Viigo – Free

Viigo is the ultimate content aggregator. With new modules being added constantly, Viigo maximizes the power of RSS to bring everything into one place. News, weather, audio streaming, social networks etc. can all be found in one place.

TweetGenius – Currently unavailable [BlackBerry Cool recommends TwitterBerry – Free]

TwitterBerry is a great free Twitter app for BlackBerry that has a clean UI and all the functionality your average Twitter user needs.

Movies by Flixster – Free on App World

Movies by Flixster gives you access to all your movie needs. Get info about current films, show times, reviews, cast and run-time info, upcoming attractions, new DVD releases and more.

Movela: Netflix Queue Manager – $2.99 on App World

Are you a big Netflix user? Movela helps you organize your account so you can have all your favorite movies ready for you when vacation time starts. Movela even gives recommendations for movies you might like.

WorldMate Live – $99.95 yearly subscription

WorldMate Live is a great way to stay organized while you travel. The app organizes and stores itineraries, including flight and airline info, hotel reservations, car rentals, meeting locales and much more.

Poynt – Free

Poynt is one of the best LBS apps available for BlackBerry. The app gives you access to a white pages search, movie theater listings and ticket purchasing, businesses and the app will soon come with a restaurant finder powered by Open Table.

Shazam – Free in App World

Shazam will help you figure out what music you’re listening to with an innovative “tag” system. Play the song from your computer, stereo etc. and Shazam will tell you what you’re listening to and how to buy it.

Ka-Glom – Free in App World

If you like the “connect four” style games, you’ll love Ka-Glom. It’s sort of like Tetris gone crazy. Try it out and you will surely be addicted!