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Roundup of Twitter features from Viigo


Social networking has become a popular component of Viigo. In Tango 9, Release 3, Viigo introduced a feature rich Twitter client. With this new feature, you can initiate a tweet, follow the public timeline, your friends timeline or your followers timeline. You can also view direct messages, favorite messages, mentions and more.

Here is a breakdown of features available:

  • Follow the public timeline, your friends timeline (home) or your followers timeline.
  • Read Direct Messages, Favorite Messages and Mentions
  • Initiate a Tweet, Retweet and Retweet all
  • Perform searches on key words so you can see when people are discussing a topic of interest to you.
  • See whether a person is following you, or not, by the color of the text (green being yes and red being no).
  • See if a person has been validated by Twitter
  • If there is a picture added to a tweet it will appear within the post.
  • If the tweet included a hash tag the hash tag will also automatically appear in your reply.
  • The reply all feature will show up automatically if more than one person was included in a tweet.

Getting set up to use Twitter in Viigo is easy:

  • From within Social Networks select add a channel. From the list of available channels select Twitter. Then select Add Account.
  • Enter your Twitter username and password, then select all the options I spoke of earlier that you would like included.
  • To include a search select add search then type in the word you want to search on.

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Viigo enhancements in Tango 9 (release 3) roundup


Viigo’s latest release, Tango 9 (release 3) or version is 3.1.330 has had several updates. With this new version, 3 new modules are available including Audio & Podcasts, Social Networking and Deals. Below, we’ve done a roundup of the services that have been added since the release of Tango 8.

Viigo has made several enhancements in Tango 9 (release 3) including:

· Social Networks including Twitter, Friend Feed and Identica are now supported.
· Audio & Podcasts is now available and, because of a partnership with Podcast.com, comes with more than 10,000 podcasts across 22 categories to get folks jumpstarted.
· A Deals module has been added. Now you can buy the best sale items or hottest promotions using Viigo and the Gazaro service.
· Keep track of credit card, bank or frequent flyer accounts for example in the new My Accounts service, the first premium service in Viigo found in the Business & Finance Module.
· An improved Weather module now gives you real-time updates, day and night forecasts, radar and much more info.
· And at the core, a new real-time channel framework has been implemented.
Click through for a roundup of the services offered with Viigo

Viigo adds Gazaro Deals module for computer and gadget sales


Sometimes I wonder if Viigo will ever hit a maximum capacity for content. What happens when the entire Internet and all its services can be found in Viigo? It seems that we’re going in that direction.

This morning Viigo announced a partnership with Gazaro. The additional means a new Viigo module called Deals and Gazaro is the founding service. The module offers the ability to monitor and identify the best deals on computer and electronics and allows people to make purchases directly from their BlackBerry any time they want.

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Viigo updates website with modules and new video for enterprise


Like any useful application for BlackBerry, Viigo has an enterprise version. Included in this enterprise version, is the ability to get financial data pushed to your device. The above video demonstrates how an enterprise may choose to use Viigo.

There is also a new Modules section to the Viigo website. These pages provide an overview of what the application is capable of.

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M.insight Viigo channel now available



MWW Group launched a new Viigo channel that’s perfect for PR groups.

M.insight aggregates RSS content from a hand-picked group of highly respected blog and news sites within the industry so the user doesn’t have to dig through hundreds of blogs to get to articles that really matter to them.

M.insight features content in four main categories, in addition to two house categories:
• Social Media
• Public Relations
• Marketing & Branding
• Advertising
• MWW/DialogueMedia
• D.insight

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Viigo gets conference exclusives and adds tennis service features


Viigo has got 2 solid updates for you this week. The first is Viigo’s tennis service now offers the ability to quickly and easily access live match results, the schedule of upcoming tournaments and the world rankings for both the ATP men’s professional tennis tour and the WTA or women’s professional tennis tour.

The second update is that there are a couple of big media/television conferences taking place in Banff starting tomorrow where Viigo is the official mobile app for both events.

More details about the conferences in the press release.