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Viigo closes first round of funding


FaviconsOur buddies at Viigo just announced that they’ve wrapped up their first round of venture capital investment, totalling $6.4 million. Ventures West led the investors, who also poured money into Plazmic back in 2001, so clearly they’ve got an eye for success in BlackBerry space. Viigo’s a great, free, BlackBerry RSS reader that hosts BlackBerry Cool to Go, and we’re pretty excited to see what new features (like the favicon support that’s on the way) that are coming from that fresh funding.

Viigo adds traffic alerts


Viigo trafficThe fine folks at Virtual Reach have added a bunch of U.S. traffic alert channels to their Viigo thanks to Traffic.com, giving you up-to-date congestion information for major American cities. Those of us north of the border are out of luck, but we still have DRIVES in the works. If you’re already packing Viigo, just hit Add a Channel and cruise on over to Cool Feeds & Useful Services. Some pretty sweet stuff is in the works for Viigo next month, so stick around.

BlackBerryCool to Go/Viigo adds 1500 channels


Virtual ReachWe got word from our buddies at Virtual Reach that they’re going to be adding 1500 new channels today to Viigo, their free RSS reader and content delivery platform, spanning 10 different languages. On top of that, Virtual Reach also kick-started their Refer a Friend Contest yesterday, where the grand prize winner can win a “very fancy” Bluetooth headset. We use Viigo a bunch at BBCool, and would love to see one of our readers take home the grand prize.

Viigo/BlackBerryCool to Go channel gets customizable


ViigoOur buddies at Virtual Reach have a few new channels available for subscription on their free RSS reader: one is a customizable ESPN sports feed and another for exchange rates. Getting exchange rates on the go is just plain handy, especially if it’s folded into something you’re already using (you are already using BlackBerry Cool to Go, right?), but the customized sports feed is certainly something new that could seriously expand the usefulness of Viigo’s channels. Instead of cruising through the folders and finding the stuff you like, being given the option to make your own ensures that you get the content you want. We’re really hoping that Virtual Reach brings this kind of thing to more of their channels.

BlackBerry Cool to Go/Viigo keeps growing, adds over 1,000 channels


Viigo Content LibraryWe’ve mentioned Virtual Reach’s Viigo app quite a bit here at the ‘Cool, mostly for two reasons: they keep adding new content, and our readership keeps lapping it up. So that’s why we’re pleased to exclusively announce today that Virtual Reach has added over 1,000 new channels to their application for everyone who loves to get news from their BlackBerry. The channels include a myriad of topics, ranging from Blogs and International interests, to Entertainment and Lifestyle content.

What’s the best way to get Viigo and try out all these new channels, you ask? Well how about downloading BlackBerry Cool to Go, the specially designed Viigo app catered to you, the BlackBerry Cool reader. To download the free app, click on the banner in the right-hand corner of your browser, or head to:


Check out Viigo’s new channel listing after the jump

Virtual Reach zeroes in on Belgium and the Netherlands


Virtual ReachVirtual Reach, the fine purveyor of BlackBerry Cool to Go, has announced a partnership with Jakajima, a publishing group in The Netherlands. Their magazines, autoConnect in the Netherlands and ConneXie in Belgium will be accessible on Viigo, for any of you European readers out there. The publications cover consumer electronics of all sorts, including BlackBerry. In fact, they covered the Curve launch in the Netherlands, while we totally missed the boat on that one. Man, is my face red.