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Viigo adds new channel for Penny-Pinching BlackBerry users


Penny-pincherWhile it might just be available in Canada, Red Flag Deals now has a channel on the BlackBerry content provider Viigo, letting you stretch your juicy 0.948767 US cents worth of Canadian dollar just a little bit farther. Automotive deals, freebies, cheap flights, discounts on food and electronics, are all available through Viigo’s new Deal Channels. Now that the category’s up, you can bet your stars that Virtual Reach is on the prowl for more bargain hunters to fill in those RSS streams, so keep your eyes peeled. For those who haven’t noticed that spiffy banner at the top-right corner of the site, BlackBerry Cool can push out to your handheld through Viigo’s BlackBerry Cool to Go.

Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup on your BlackBerry


Virtual ReachViigo’s been packing away the content like a Japanese hot dog eater. Virtual Reach has been pushing out BlackBerry Cool on their freely-downloadable BlackBerry client for awhile now, along with a wide variety of RSS-based feeds. For any sports fans out there, check out the Sports category on your Viigo channels, and you’ll be happy to find both Wimbledon tennis coverage as well as FIFA U20 World Cup feeds.

Viigo partners with blog network


VirtualReachVirtual Reach, the fine folks who bring you BlackBerry Cool To Go have partnered up with with b5media, who are now pushing their wide selection of blogs through Viigo. We at BBCool are loathe to think you exceptional readers so much as glance in the direction of other blogs, but we must be prudent and accept the possibility, however slight. Just checked out my Viigo client, and you can find the newly-added b5media Channels under the Blogs category.

National Post now on Viigo


VirtualReachHey, so long as you’re getting your BlackBerryCool to Go through Viigo, you might as well throw in the National Post to your feeds. It really is great software, guys. Hard to say no to free BlackBerry RSS feeds, y’know? Considering RIM’s publishing Virtual Reach press releases and one of Canada’s most prominent newspapers are using the software, we can tell Virtual Reach is going to keep doing some awesome stuff for BlackBerry.