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YouMail Visual Voicemail 2.0 Launches with Organization Tools and More


YouMail Visual Voicemail has gone version 2.0 with new features that were heavily requested by users. YouMail 2.0 gives users a streamlined user interface, enhanced organization tools, improved transcription and faster voicemail followup.

With the streamlined user interface, the main screen now shows the number of new messages and each caller’s photo or avatar, which can be imported automatically from Facebook. Also, the message play screen supports fast-forward and rewind, allowing users to get through their messages even more efficiently. YouMail 2.0 users are now able to access any folder directly from the app, not just the inbox. This includes the standard Saved, Spam and Trash folders, as well as user-created folders. Users can also can turn their voicemail box into a “To Do” list by easily flagging messages for follow-up directly in the app.
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Verizon BlackBerry Tour2 Visual Voicemail Jad Found Online



The Tour 2 9650 is coming soon and the Visual Voicemail file has been found online. There isn’t much to say about it other than we know it’s coming to Verizon. Anyone looking forward to picking it up?

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YouMail Connects Visual Voicemail with Facebook


YouMail is a cool service that gives you free visual voicemail for your BlackBerry, depending on what carrier you’re with. Recently, they’ve created some tie-ins with Facebook, allowing you to see your friends’ pictures when they leave you a voicemail. You can also share and post your voicemails to your Facebook wall. Personally, I haven’t tried the service as it’s not available in Canada on Rogers, so I’m jealous that Ronen at BerryReview gets to use the service.

To enable this feature, click the MySocialNetworks link in your YouMail account and it will connect you to Facebook. The Facebook feature is only available from the web, so don’t expect it to be available in the BlackBerry client. The company will also be extending its Twitter functionality soon so you can share your voicemails on Twitter.

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Bell Canada offers Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry



Bell have announced that they are the first Canadian carrier to offer Visual Voicemail on select BlackBerrys. Bell’s Visual Voicemail is available offline as well, because messages are saved to the internal memory or the MicroSD/SDHC card. That being said, a BlackBerry doesn’t come with very much memory so I wouldn’t recommend saving to the internal memory. Visual Voicemail is available on both HSPA and EVDO networks in Canada and worldwide and is now available on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Curve 8330, Pearl 8130 and BlackBerry 8830 and is expected to be available on additional BlackBerry smartphone models in the future.

Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry is available for $8 per month.

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Klausner Technologies sues RIM over Visual Voicemail


RIM is faced with another patent lawsuit, this time it’s Judah Klausner of Klausner Technologies. The inventor has filed suit against both Motorola and RIM, claiming infringement on patents related to visual voicemail. Klausner seems to be suing RIM with patents pertaining to the Bold 9700, which is getting visual voicemail with T-Mobile but apparently isn’t paying the license agreements that previous devices have paid. Klausner has won settlements in the past, so he might have the cash to fight it out with RIM. We’ll see how this one plays out.

BlackBerry Bold OS from AT&T to get Visual Voicemail



Rumor has it that the upgraded BlackBerry Bold OS for AT&T subscribers will come with Visual Voicemail tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25th.

Check your AT&T Bold to see if your OS has the Visual Voicemail icon, and if so, give customer service a call and have them add the free Visual Voicemail feature to your account.

With Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry, you will get:

  • Store up to 40 voicemails for up to 14 days
  • Archive voicemails to device memory or on a microSD card
  • Forward voicemails as an MMS to other users or an email address
  • Save phone numbers in your Visual Voicemail inbox to your address book
  • Setup your voicemail including greeting right from the application itself

Voicemail is the bane of many BlackBerry users’ existence as it is the slowest possible way to check a message. With email and SMS, you have to wonder why people still insist on leaving voicemails. At least visual voicemail makes the process a little faster.