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YouMail visual voicemail connects your voicemail to Twitter



YouMail Voicemail Plus (VVP) is a free, visual voicemail app for BlackBerry has had some pretty great success on App World.

VVP launched in BlackBerry App World on Saturday, April 4 and in less than two weeks, the app is amongst the top 15 downloaded apps for the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Pearl and Curve devices with O/S 4.3 or higher. Here’s the break down for YouMail’s rankings:

  • Visual Voicemail plus ranked #10 app download on BlackBerry Storm
  • Visual Voicemail plus ranked #12 app download on Blackberry Bold (ranked #1 in Personal Organization)
  • Visual Voicemail plus ranked #13 app download on BlackBerry Pearl
  • Visual Voicemail plus ranked #14 app download on BlackBerry Curve

Additionally, YouMail has updated the “status greetings” on Visual Voicemail Plus allowing users to extend their love for status updates on Twitter and apply it to their voicemail. Users can set up greetings by going to the YouMail Web site and selecting from the greetings available and/or recording their own. With a click of a button, users can tell their callers they are at work, in a meeting, on vacation, working out, etc.

Download YouMail for your BlackBerry Curve, Storm, Bold or Pearl for FREE.


Download YouMail for your BlackBerry by visiting their OTA download link

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Visual Voicemail coming for AT&T BlackBerry users


AT&T BlackBerry users are going to get Visual Voicemail. The news comes from a BGR tip, based on a screenshot of the AT&T online account management system. The above pic is my horrible photoshop rendition of what the iPhone’s visual voicemail would look like on the Bold, and rest assured AT&T won’t put out something that terrible. According to BGR, the AT&T system doesn’t currently have a price set for the option, which could mean it will be offered free to Berry users. This doesn’t really jive with me considering the carriers aren’t known for offering free features unless you sell them your soul. In any case, I’m a big fan of Visual Voicemail and looking forward to it.



What’s wrong with YouMail?


YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus

Late last week YouMail launched Visual Voicemail Plus, a free visual voicemail application that works on the Blackberry Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm. I like the sound of free, and a new visual voicemail application is always worth a try, but reports are surfacing that YouMail might not yet be up to snuff. Here’s what our main man Troy had to say over at BlackBerry News:

After 24 hours it is safe to say a lot work still needs to go into the application before it is ready for prime time much like the transcription service they charge for now. Many users including myself have experienced nothing but problems with the application… Maybe with all the ad revenue from placing ads on every aspect of your messages they can now put a little more money into their projects and refine their service. Time will tell.

We’re going to give YouMail our own thorough hands-on, but we recommend that you give it a try and post a comment on your experience. If you’re not willing to take the risk, however, post a comment and let us know of your favorite visual voicemail alternative.

Visual Voicemail coming to AT&T BlackBerry Bold


BGR has grabbed some screenshots of BlackBerry Visual Voicemail running on an AT&T BlackBerry Bold. Apparently, this feature will make its way to AT&T via OS No word yet on when AT&T will roll out the OS update or if they’ll charge for it (it’s AT&T, what do you think?), but we’ll keep you in the know once we hear something. For now, you can see more of what BlackBerry Visual Voicemail will look like after the jump.

BlackBerry Bold Visual Voicemail screenshots

Another BlackBerry Storm 9530 Leak: National Account Manager Slides


Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 slide presentation

Ooh boy, this is starting to get out of hand. Doesn’t an NDA mean anything any more? The gadget hounds over at EngadgetMobile have gotten their hands on the slide presentation used by National Account Managers to sell devices to key customers, giving us the most information (and the prettiest images) about the the BlackBerry Storm 9530 seen in one place.

Items to be gleamed from the slide presentation? An 8GB MicroSD card is now confirmed as a pack in, visual voicemail will be available after launch, and despite earlier reports from today, the BlackBerry Storm 8530 will feature auto flash as well as auto focus.

Dig in folks, but at this point, BBCool HQ readily expects Verizon to start mailing out devices interested people as early as yesterday.

(via EngadgetMobile)

View BlackBerry Storm 9530 slide presentation

PhoneFusion offering free visual voicemail


PhoneFusion just announced some beta software for BlackBerry they’re working on that will bring office, VoIP, and cell voice mailboxes to your BlackBerry. It’s fairly ambitious to cover all those different voice platforms in one app, but Fusion Voicemail Plus has been running on Windows Mobile since March, which should have set a lot of the groundwork. PhoneFusion does a lot of of other stuff surrounding fixed-mobile convergence, too – be sure to check out their site. To give it a shot, just head on over to www.fvmplus.com/ and sign up for the beta.