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Vlingo Unveil Top 10 Voice-Powered Mobile Web Searches of 2009


Vlingo have put out the top 10 voice-powered mobile Web searches and social networks are at the top. The data was collected over the course of 2009, and shows that users want voice-search to take them to destination sites (eg YouTube), rather than specific terms such as “Michael Jackson.”
The Top 10 Mobile Voice Searches for 2009 after the jump

Vlingo 4.0 adds new voice-text functionality and gift option



As you may have heard, Vlingo has gone version 4.0 and they have included in this release what they call Vlingo Everywhere. The idea is that you can now use voice-to-text for any field that will accept keyboard input. This includes native applications as well as in the BlackBerry Browser.

With Vlingo Everywhere, you can interact with the following:

  • Instant Messengers: BlackBerry Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! IM, Windows Live Messenger.
  • Calendar Entries and Editing.
  • Websites (fill any text box).
  • Any Messaging or Email Screen.
  • Address Books (allowing users to speak new contacts).
  • Most other downloaded applications, including Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry App World and more.

If you like Vlingo and think a friend would also enjoy it, Vlingo have opened up the ability to gift the application to a friend. Head over to Vlingo.com/giftus and purchase Vlingo 4.0 as a gift for $14.99. Your friend/loved one will receive a code which they can use to download Vlingo 4.0 on their BlackBerry.

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Vlingo is now available for the BlackBerry Storm 2



Vlingo has announced that they are available for the BlackBerry Storm 2. Right now, you can download Vlingo for Storm 2 and Storm 1 if you have upgraded to 5.0. If you have already paid for Vlingo Plus, you will get the premium features loaded on the new version automatically.

While it’s not yet up on App World, you can grab your copy from Vlingo themselves.

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Ontario BlackBerry users no longer allowed to email while driving


Yesterday, Ontario, Canada passed legislation that stipulates drivers can no longer use their handsets to call, email, SMS or chat. The penalties are around $500 per infraction beginning early next year.

There are a lot of BlackBerry users out there that like to send email and SMS while driving, so what should they do? There are several companies that manufacture hands-free devices, but are these the alternative we should be looking for? There is very little evidence to suggest that these products are actually making drivers safer.

Driving while having a conversation will ultimately distract putting yourself and others in danger. While the hands-free accessory can help keep your eyes on the road, it doesn’t address the issue of reaction times. Reaction times will always be diminished when someone is having a conversation.

If you’re a driver who is looking for a hands-free accessory, you could choose the BlueAnt Q1, the BlackBerry VM605 or a software solution like Vlingo.

Or, you could just wait until you get to where you’re going.

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National Teen Driver Safety Week reminds you to drive safe



Vlingo recently completed a study that reveals teens use text messaging as their primary method of communications and 60% admitted to reading incoming messaging while driving.

The survey comes as the nation observes National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 18th-24th. According to the study, 94 percent of teens use their mobile phones to send text messages. Fifty-four percent send more than 500 text messages per month and 79 percent send more text messages than make phone calls. Teens use text messaging primarily to communicate with friends (72 percent).

While email is central to communication on a BlackBerry, the device is also used heavily for SMS. Many teens buy BlackBerry devices, not for the email capabilities, but for the QWERTY keyboard and the brand.

It is for this reason that BlackBerryCool.com would like to remind you not to drive while using your BlackBerry. Even though using voice-based user interfaces may show an improvement in your ability to focus on the road, the absolute safest thing you can do is just wait until you arrive at your destination.

Visit Vlingo and register to read the full survey.

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Vlingo speech recognition goes 3.0 with more functionality


Vlingo speech recognition software is trying to change the way you interact with your device. They see a powerful device that can be made even more powerful by making it totally hands-free. Well today they’ve announced version 3.0 of Vlingo, offering a rich feature set that really adds to their product.

Using the power of voice, Vlingo already enables users to send and reply to emails and text messages, search the mobile Web, dial the phone, look up contacts, and launch built-in applications — just by using their voice. With Vlingo 3.0, users gain an enhanced text-to-speech read-back feature for easy hands-free confirmation of what was spoken, the ability to speak action requests such as “send”, and support for wired headsets as well as many Bluetooth headsets.

Vlingo gives BlackBerry users the ability to power the most popular features by voice. They can simply press the side “convenience” key on their handset, which lets them speak commands into the smartphone. Vlingo 3.0 gives a user’s voice the ability to:

• Send and reply to text messages with users who also have Vlingo
• Web search
• Dial the phone
• Send a “note to self”
• Facebook & Twitter status updates
• Tell A Friend
• Optional read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
• Speak action requests such as “send” or “search”
• Launch native and third-party applications

BlackBerry users can get additional voice capabilities, including the ability to send and reply to text messages and emails to anyone for a one-time charge of $17.99.

Existing users of Vlingo 2.0 can continue to use Vlingo 2.0 at no additional charge.