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Voice on the Go one-day penny giveaway


Voice on the Go Remember Voice on the Go? It’s a call-in service that lets you compose e-mails, search appoints and contacts all through voice commands, and we’re giving away month-long subscriptions for a penny. Fine, that doesn’t really count as giving away, but it’s close enough. Just enter the coupon code VOTG at checkout to get the goods, but the catch is it’s only good for today. If you’ve decided you dig the service after that, you can keep it up for $5.99/month. For anyone who wants to get a head start on the work day on the drive in, this is a good chance to see what’s available. So what have you got a lose? A penny? C’mon, give it a go over here.

Review: Voice on the Go


Voice on the Go logoIt goes without saying that all enterprise BlackBerry users are looking for ways to increase their uptime (although we’re sure that even enterprise users wouldn’t mind sweet ringtone action to go along with their uptime). For those among us who face long commutes to work or other car travel, those tiresome hours stuck behind the wheel can be an uptime/productivity killer.

Fellow Canadians Voice on the Go offer hope for wearied travelers with their hands/eyes-free solution that gives users voice access to their email, calendars, and contacts while driving. We’ve wanted to get our hands on Voice on the Go for a long time (and so have our readers), so check out our full review below.

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