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VoIP calling for BlackBerry without 3G or WiFi from Nimbuzz



I haven’t used Nimbuzz before but I’ve been desperate for a good VoIP solution for BlackBerry. While Skype promised to give us an app back in May, they haven’t lived up to this promise. There are a few decent alternatives out there such as iSkoot, which has worked somewhat well for me so far.

Nimbuzz has partnered with Voxbone to provide a unique VoIP solution for BlackBerry. When you launch Nimbuzz, the new “blade” pops out alongside Nimbuzz’s toolset of aggregated IM services, mobile VoIP, social networking, tweets, and file-and-photo sharing.

According to the company, even if you’re out of 3G or Wi-Fi range, you still can make mobile VoIP calls on your BlackBerry.

The company is offering a pretty awesome service in that you don’t have to know the number, carry a card or even realize you’ve stepped beyond Internet reach. The Nimbuzz app, adding 750,000 sign-ups per month and operating in 200 countries, notices for you. It automatically steps in and requests permission to dial the right access number for you, which it knows, and routes the call over the Internet. Voxbone provides numbers and origination services, grabbing the call for Nimbuzz and converting it to IP.

Could this be the VoIP solution we’ve been waiting for? Comment your thoughts about this application.

Download Nimbuzz by heading over to their site and getting an SMS download link.

[ED NOTE: Tried on the BlackBerry Storm and it’s not compatible. Looking to try it on a Curve 8900 in a moment but wanted to give you a heads up about the application.]