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Free MobileVoIP App Supports A Number of VoIP Services and Countries


BlackBerry users are still waiting on a decent Skype app available for all smartphones and tablet but until then there’s a wide range of VoIP apps you can try in the meantime. MobileVoIP is a free app in App World that’s definitely worth checking out. The app supports a wide variety of VoIP brands so you need to check the available services and then check the supported country list. You may find a good fit that will save you money on long distance calls.
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BlackBerry MVS 5 for Avaya Phone Systems Now Available


blackberry mvs 5

At BlackBerry World, RIM announced plans to make its Mobile Voice System (MVS) 5 with voice over WiFi calling available for more corporate phone systems. Recently, RIM announced that BlackBerry MVS 5 is now available in North America and the UK for Avaya phone systems.

The list of phone systems that work with BlackBerry MVS now includes:

  • Avaya Aura 6.1
  • Avaya Communications Manager
  • Avaya CS1000 Communication Server
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Mitel Communications Director

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Rebtel Launches VoIP App With Free/Cheap International Calls



Rebtel, the #2 mVoIP provider just behind Skype, has launched an app for BlackBerry which makes international calling between users of BlackBerry and Android devices absolutely free. Rebtel for BlackBerry runs in the background and intercepts users from making expensive long distance calls by automatically converting the number to a cheap local number. Features of the app include:
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Shape Services Launches IM+ Talk Out of Beta with Free Skype VoIP Calls



Shape Services let us know that their IM+ Talk app is out of beta and available for purchase or for you to test on a free, 7 day trial. Probably the best feature of this app is the ability to make free Skype VoIP calls over WiFi, as well as make VoIP calls over 3G/EDGE. With the holiday season approaching, even the 7 day trial of this app is well worth it. For those going overseas to visit family, this app could save you a lot of holiday cash.

Check out IM+ Talk from Shape Services at this link.

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fgVoIP App Allows VoIP Calls Over WiFi via PBX and SIP Provider


When we last wrote about FgVoIP, they had developed a VoIP client that lets you make and receive VoIP calls on all BlackBerrys but they had a limited amount of device support. The company let us know that their client is now available on all BlackBerry Devices right up to and including OS 5.0.
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Nimbuzz Killing Skype Support as of October 31st



Skype is requesting that Nimbuzz remove support for its 3rd party VoIP service. Effective October 31st, Nimbuzz will be killing support for the service. It’s a shame that the services are being canceled, as Nimbuzz has managed to accumulate 150 million downloads and serve 3.65 billion VoIP minutes last year. The cancellation raises some interesting questions about why the VoIP market on BlackBerry is so closed and why Skype has such a beef with people using their services. Isn’t 3.65 billion VoIP minutes a positive outcome?

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