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Register to Vote and Find Polling Stations With a BlackBerry App


Election Protection is a free cross platform app without political affiliation that helps Americans get ready for the upcoming Presidential election. With this app you can easily register to vote and figure out where you will actually be voting.
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What are you doing reading BlackBerry Cool? Go vote!



Seriously, if you are an American citizen, this website is the last place you should be right now. Go vote. You get to decide the course of the free world for the next four years; fulfill your responsibility with pride.

I tell you what, we’ll let you read BlackBerry Cool on your BlackBerry while waiting in line to vote. Deal? After that you should probably go get in line for an AT&T BlackBerry Bold. I’m just sayin’.

For our non-American audience, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Vote for your favorite BlackBerry!


BlackBerry Nation Vote

Inspired by yesterday’s Canadian federal election (another minority government?) and its upcoming American counterpart, BlackBerry Cool wants to do its part to get out the vote! We want you to tell us which BlackBerry has the right stuff to lead the BlackBerry Nation. Here are you candidates:

BlackBerry Bold
BlackBerry Storm
BlackBerry Pearl Flip
BlackBerry Curve 8900 (aka Javelin)

You can vote for your candidate using the our handy polling station after the jump. After you’ve voted for the top dog, make sure to tell us where you think the other BlackBerrys fit into the BlackBerry Nation Administration. Which BlackBerry would make a good Secretary of State? How about Vice President? Post a comment and let us know!

(yeah, the BBCool staff watches way too much West Wing)

Vote for your favorite BlackBerry!