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BigHand Dictation App Version 4 Comes With Attachment Features


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BigHand for BlackBerry is a dictation app that is now in version 4, and includes several new features that are reminiscent of vPost. In version 4 of BigHand, you have the ability to take and attach photos from within the dictation app, append new documents and/or review finalized docs on-the-go, add advanced profile info and centrally configure via BES.

Features in BigHand 4 include:

  • Take and attach photos to dictations: allowing users to both take photos from within BigHand software and automatically attach them to the related voice file for submission.
  • Document attachments: attach any document or file type to BigHand dictations on a BlackBerry and submit them to the relevant workflow. Any file which can be browsed to can be attached. The files will also be accessible from the desktop client once sent.
  • Review finalised documents: authors can instantly access and review final documents, driven by the BigHand system, from their Smartphone without having to access their network via a laptop
  • Advanced profiling: add additional and customised profile information to dictations prior to submission. The profile data is then also accessible in the desktop client.
  • Full ‘Work in Progress’ visibility: view all your dictations, including those submitted from the desktop, on the BlackBerry instead of just those submitted from the device.
  • Full central configuration: all BlackBerry client settings will be configurable from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, giving system administrators full control over device settings.

More information and download available at BigHand. This is enterprise software so you need to register with the company to pilot the app.

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vPost updates with free 30 day trial



vPost is a product we have written about several times on BlackBerry Cool. The app is an easy way to capture all types of media, and share them via email. You can send pictures, video, and audio to friends and family easily with a minimal number of clicks.

Some new features in the latest version include:

  • Address book integration.
  • Ability to rename captured media.
  • No size limitations.
  • Setup wizard.
  • Create groups to make sharing amongst friends easier.
  • 4.5+OS supported (including 5.0 and storms).

Download the latest version of vPost on a 30 day trial. If you already have an activation code, it will work for this client.

TIP: Make sure to set vPost to a convenience key for maximum benefits.

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Preview of new vPost email messenger and scribble feature


vPost update

vPost has been working hard at updating their product for both consumer and enterprise. The foundations of this application are very robust and the potential for it includes almost every industry, which is why the app has gone through so many updates. As the app evolves to provide consumers with new features and better functionality, the number of enterprise uses grows.

The most recent update to vPost, which is called version 2.2 tentatively, includes the ability to use your vPost app as an “email messenger.” The application lets you add a list of contacts to the app, where you can share a variety of rich media with the user in a few simple clicks.

What’s new in the next version of vPost:

  • Unlimited favorites (add pictures to contacts then from address book hit menu -> ‘vpost favourite’). This is the feature that can turn vPost into an ‘email messenger.’
  • The ability to move around and delete widgets.
  • Take screenshots. Once vPost is launched, an option to take ‘vPost screenshot’ will show up in the menu.
  • Full thumbnail view mode for attaching existing media.
  • Scribble mode. This will enable users to mark-up pictures with text, lines, and objects.
  • Restaurant review widget. Prepare your post and use this new widget to easily rate and review your dining experience.

Disclaimer: Some of these features may not be in the next vPost as this is an advanced preview but hopefully they all make it in.
Click through to see a gallery of screenshots for the upcoming vPost version

vPost is FREE & featured in App World!


vPost for BlackBerry

Vayyoo has released a FREE variant of the popular vPost application and it’s available in App World right now as a featured item.

vPost is picking up huge momentum here at WES and it’s the official provider to RIM’s mobile bloggers. The official RIM WES blog being powered by vPost can be viewed at www.attendWES.com/blog.

“All BlackBerry users can now Capture, Prepare & Share multimedia with unprecedented ease. You will never need to use the native camera, video, & voice note applications ever again,” says Kyle Kemper, their director of marketing.

According to Vayyoo, vPost is now in the top 25 downloaded applications from App World and climbing.

The free personal use version, delivers to its users the core capabilities of vPost: easy and rapid capture of multiple pictures, videos, & voice notes; easy review and preparation via text annotation & geo-tagging ability; and since it sends via email the possibilities for sharing are unlimited.

There is a Premium Edition version available in the BlackBerry cool store for $10 which has an additional favourite icon, configurable size limits, address book, calendar, and inbox integration.

Check out the version release notes for more details.


vPost v2.0 is now available in Mobihand & App World



Vayyoo has just released their updated vPost client
for bundling, geo-tagging, and emailing multimedia. This version works incredibly on the Storm; something that doesn’t get said often.

  • The attachment limit has been increased to 15 which is great if you want to send a whole batch of pictures or media in seconds.
  • If you click on pictures in the media ring there is an enhanced preview mode.
  • The whole UI theme has been polished to be dead sexy.
  • It’s faster to load and it’s smaller in size (~480kb).
  • The settings menu has more options and the 1500kb total size limit has been made configurable.
  • You can also add multiple emails to the favorite widget by placing comma’s between addresses in the settings menu.
  • GPS can be disabled & enabled by clicking on the GPS indicator. With vPost the user is in control of your media and your location vs. being tracked.

Vpost is listed in the Social Networking and Sharing category of App World.

Here’s the desciption of vPost from App World:

“Use vPost to enhance and expand the BlackBerry experience! Capture and share the moments of life as they happen like never before. vPost makes it possible to bundle, geo-tag and email any combination of pictures, video and audio. Send vPost’s to friends, family, colleagues, blogs or social networks. Get vPost today and start sending rich-media to anyone and everyone!”

Purchase vPost for $9.99 with a 14-day trial from the BlackBerry Cool store.


VPost by Vayyoo reviewed


vayyoo vpost tutorial

I was given the opportunity to try out vPost by Vayyoo Inc. My first thoughts of this app were, Why didn’t RIM include this with their current OS’s? Vayyoo did a good job of filling the need. vPost sends messages as Emails and not multimedia messages (mms), so if you are used to sending pictures, video’s or voice notes via mms you’ll have to get your recipients email or carrier mms email address. vPost is available for 4.5 and 4.6 OS Blackberries, with Storm support coming in March. Installation from the Blackberry Cool store was straight forward and went without a hitch. After the vPost install was completed I was asked to allow permissions for Phone and GPS so naturally, I did. I was greeted with a screen that displayed the End User License Agreement. After agreeing I was asked if I wanted to register my device with Vayyoo. This is where you have the option to enter your activation code or take advantage of the free trial. Vayyoo helped us users out by including an Introduction screen that gives a brief description and quick tips prior to using the program.
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