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Vayyoo vPost application updates


Last week was the launch of vPost for BlackBerry. The application lets BlackBerry users capture and email any combination of pictures, video, audio, & GPS location. It’s a multimedia bundle that re-invents email on a BlackBerry.

Once captured you can send multimedia emails to anyone: friends, family, colleagues, blogs, news agencies, and even social networks. Many social networks and news sites have email addresses you can set-up to email photo’s, video, audio, and GPS locations.

Are you a Twitter fan? Follow Vayyoo as they use the app to its fullest extent.


Check out their Marketing Director’s blog powered by vPost:


If you haven’t tried vPost yet, download the free trial here.

If you have already downloaded it, what your thoughts so far?


Free trial – Vayyoo reinvents email for BlackBerry


We’ve been talking a lot about Vayyoo for a few reasons: we love their product and we’ve been playing Settlers of Catan with their director of marketing on a pretty regular basis.

Here are some old articles about them that tells the story of the product’s progression.

Today Vayyoo has launched vPost to the public at a one-time purchase price of $9.95 with a free two-week trial.

Check them out in the store here.

vPost is an app that lets you capture and email any combination of Pictures, Video, Audio Notes, Text & GPS location using an extremely powerful and simple interface.

Once you capture any combination of media you can send it via email to friends, family, colleagues, blogs and social networks. Without vPost it can take over 5 minutes to compose an email with 2 pictures, an audio note, and GPS location. With vPost this task can be done in less than a minute with no hassles. You can try vPost today and start sending rich-media to anyone and everyone!

Use it for anything:
– File a life experience by emailing it to yourself
– Share moments with close friends while it’s happening (near real-time)
– Publish media to Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Picasa, etc. and share with you online communities
– Annotate pictures with a voice recording of what’s actually happened
– Send accidents, act’s heroism, & other newsworthy events in to news agencies (CNN, BBC, etc.)
-Update Twitter via services like posterous.com, pixelpipe.com, and utterli.com
– Send vPost voice & video messages to each other
– Send your friends your exact location in near real time.

Vayyoo has assured us a that a storm version will be available soon.

Vayyoo has setup a vPost website at www.getvpost.com where they have a FAQ, contact info, and links to their Twitter account.

Comment with what you think of the app!

We’ll be sending an email to some of the comments with free license keys.

Again, you can see the app here


Vayyoo’s vPosting takes mobile communication to the next level


vayyoo vpost

Recently, you may have heard about Vayyoo and their vPost solution, which enables BlackBerry users to capture pictures, voice, text, and location (via GPS) through one single user interface. Our sister site QuicklyBored has been displaying it’s potential as both a restaurant review device and blogging tool. We were so enamored with Vayyoo’s solution that we signed an exclusive agreement to use vPosting for the majority of our CTIA coverage (sorry Ronen).

However, vPosting is much more than a simple consumer application, it’s a new medium for mobile communication. Before we start vPosting like crazy all over CTIA, we thought we should take the time to fully explain what Vayyoo can do.

Click here to learn more about Vayyoo’s vPost