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Walt Mossberg reviews the BlackBerry Storm2 aka Odin



Walt Mossberg of the WSJ is jumping on a trend of reviewing the Storm2 before it launches. While BlackBerry Cool has also reviewed this device before launch, it’s always best to wait for the launch date, and give both RIM and the carriers the benefit of the doubt that they may change something.

As you may remember from Walt’s conversation with Mike Lazaridis, he was not a fan of the first BlackBerry Storm. One of his questions to Lazaridis was “why wasn’t the Storm a better device?” Sort of a harsh dig considering it had one of the lowest return rates at Verizon. Yes, the device lacked WiFi, and the typing experience wasn’t stellar, but a touchscreen BlackBerry was much needed in the product line.

Well it seems Walt is convinced that the second time out the gate is a success:
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The Wall Street Journal BlackBerry application soon to charge



In general, print media is dying and paving the way for online media. As print sees their advertising rates drop, they are continually trying to find ways to make up these revenues.

One such way is to charge for readership. The National Post is reporting that The Wall Street Journal will be charging BlackBerry users for access to their services, in order to make up for lost advertising revenue. The WSJ will begin to levy a US$2 weekly fee for access by non-subscribers, Mr. Murdoch said at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Communacopia conference in New York. Journal subscribers will have to pay US$1 a week, he said.

So if you have the WSJ BlackBerry application, prepare to see it become monetized in the very near future.



Top 10 free BlackBerry news apps from Handmark


handmark blackberry

Handmark started off as a distribution channel, and are now doing a lot of development for mobile and especially BlackBerry. They have a series of free apps that are ad supported and I’ve taken the time to put together their 10 best free news applications. Each app can be downloaded from the same page, either from your BlackBerry browser or your desktop.

Thomson Reuters

Access professional-grade news and market data from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source for intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

The Wall Street Journal

Instant access to The Wall Street Journal news with this customizable application. The Mobile Reader allows you to read the Journal’s comprehensive news anywhere, even offline.
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Wall Street Journal news reader for BlackBerry


Wall Street Journal for BlackBerry

The Wall Street Journal recently launched a BlackBerry app which lets you peruse the headlines of WSJ.com, MarketWatch.com, Barrons.com and AllThingsD.com. Tabbed navigation lets you quickly switch between sections, address book and social bookmarking integration lets you share articles easily, RSS reading and keyword monitoring let you track the news you care about, and stock info is readily available. Not a bad little, app, but vaguely Viigo-esque, no? (Edit: That would be because it’s actually powered by Freerange.) To give it a go, head on over to the WSJ.com Mobile Reader.

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iPhone 3G Round-Up: Rogers Caves on Pricing, Unboxing Shots, Launch Promotions and Reviews


Steve Jobs holding the iPhone 3G

We’re now t-minus two days and counting from Apple’s worldwide iPhone 3G launch, but from the amount of information swirling around the Internet today, you’d think that Jesus Phone 2 was already available. Here’s a round-up of all the iPhone info you need to know:

Rogers Caves on iPhone Data Pricing (Almost): In response to the huge outcry over a lack of an unlimited data plan, Rogers is launching a promotional offer of 6GB for $30, which can be added to any voice plan. The promo will be available for iPhone buyers who activate with a three year contract before August 31.

*Update* This offer will also be made available for 3G BlackBerry users, i.e. for the BlackBerry Bold!
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Rogers Stores To Open Early on Friday: A handful of Rogers Plus stores across Ottawa will open their doors at 8:00 a.m. (all times local) on Friday, for advanced purchases of the iPhone 3G (see link for list). Breakfast will also be served for people while they wait.
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iPhone 3G Unboxing Shots: For all those looking to satisfy their unboxing pic fetish, Boy Genius has the goods, with a full iPhone 3G unboxing gallery.
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