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SnowPapers App for the PlayBook Gives You A Winter Screensaver


Looking for a fun Winter/holiday wallpaper for your PlayBook? The same developer behind Liquid-Photo for PlayBook has a wallpaper app that gives your PlayBook a snowing effect. The app also lets you choose to save the image to your photo album or leave the application running to have a nice snowing screensaver.
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RIM Offers Free Holiday Wallpapers For Your BlackBerry


RIM is offering some free wallpapers that you can use for your BlackBerry’s background or BBM profile pic. There are 4 wallpapers available and they all combine the popular BlackBerry Notification symbol and some Christmas element. Get the download link after the jump.
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10 Wallpaper Changer Apps for Your BlackBerry



Wallpaper changers are great apps because you never get bored of your background and they save you from having to change it yourself. In BlackBerry 6, RIM has taken the time to make a very wallpaper friendly UI, with the icons able to hide to give you as much homescreen real estate as possible. Here are 10 wallpaper changer apps if you’re in the market for one.
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Grab your free holiday wallpapers from MyBlackBerry



I’m not sure if this is new, because I didn’t know until @ASacco pointed it out, but the MyBlackBerry site has some free holiday themed wallpapers that you can install. Some of them are really well done and it’s always nice to have something official. I think it would be good to start including themes rather than wallpapers. RIM has the resources to be able to offer us all free holiday themes.

On that note, what do you guys think of MyBlackBerry?

Check out MyBlackBerry for free holiday wallpapers.

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$10 off Wallpaper Megaplex


A sunsetThe guys at S4BB just let us know that they’re offering a special $10 off promotion for their Wallpaper Megaplex, bringing the price to a cool $4.99. The promotion runs until May 4th, and will give you access to S4BB’s huge catalog of wallpapers. They have every kind of category under the sun — from soccer to sunsets to cars — in their database, and a huge number of wallpapers in each category. If you’re a wallpaper fanatic, you can’t really go wrong.

New Themes, Wallpapers and Ringtones from eVeek


eVeek BlackBerry ThemeWe always like to keep an eye on up and coming BlackBerry sites here at BBCool HQ; we too remember a time when the ‘Cool was a plucky upstart yearning for traffic and love. So here’s a site that you should keep an eye on: eVeek. Setting itself up as a BlackBerry Community site, it will probably never rival the awesome might that is known simply as “The Forums“, but these cats got style. What kind of style? Well, let’s just say it’s a cornucopia of free themes, wallpapers and ringtones for those who join the community. Not bad at all.

So check eVeek out, and while you’re there, let ‘em know that BlackBerry Cool sent ya.