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Motek Mobile Developing App Recommendation Engine AppFriendly for BlackBerry


appfriendly by motek

If you use Motek’s Code Mucher, you may have noticed being asked to join AppFriendly. The network promotes the fact that AppFriendly gives app recommendations and when you accept the terms and conditions, it downloads an odd app to your device. The AppFriendly app doesn’t have an icon but it does sit on your device running some sort of system process, as seen in the app management settings.

From browsing the AppFriendly network, it looks like Motek is looking to build a social network with profiles, social integration, app ratings and recommendations. The service is obviously in Alpha stealth mode because none of the links work, but it still gives you an idea of how it works and the features it will have. Motek already has a community around their apps where they give users points that can be redeemed for digital goods, and it looks like AppFriendly is a way of extending this ecosystem to other developers. When asked about AppFriendly, Motek responded with: “It’s in Alpha mode right now so we can’t say too much at this point but definitely will share more with you when it’s ready.”

Hit the jump for screenshots of the AppFriendly network.
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Google Eyes Canadian Startups and Tech Entrepreneurs


Being at RIM’s doorstep has helped the developer community in Southern Ontario grow tremendously. Smaller companies and startups have been setting up offices nearby that have given rise to a strong support network of startups, mobile developers and entrepreneurs.

In the past year, Google has spent over $100 million dollars acquiring a handful of Canadian tech startups.

With acquisitions in the gaming, content distribution and payment, Google’s Waterloo offices have grown with a strong mobile focus. Here are a few of the recent additions:

Social Deck is a social gaming platform that specializes in content discovery, distribution and monetization.

PushLife is a cross-platform digital content management and distribution system for mobile.

Zetawire developed their own mobile banking advertizing technology, identity management, credit card and mobile coupon transaction processing.

It’s interesting to see what catch-up moves Google is making in growing it’s mobile business. Tapping a competitor’s developer ecosystem is becoming a bit easier now that mobile developers are developing for multiple platforms. I’m not surprised that Google is paying close attention to the innovative yet underrated Canadian Tech sector.

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Queen Elizabeth II Wraps Up RIM Tour with Personalized Bold 9700


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are concluding a nine day tour of Canada which took them to Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto and RIM’s headquarters in Waterloo Ontario. Following her tour of Canada’s high tech hub with co-founder Mike Lazaridis, the Queen was presented with her own personalized, white, BlackBerry Bold 9700. The Bold 9700 came preloaded with a wallpaper of children from Queen Elizabeth Public School in Kitchener offering flowers. It’s rumored that the Queen isn’t a stranger to these devices, but Palace officials wouldn’t confirm whether a Royal BlackBerry already exists.

As the Queen was guided around RIM’s assembly floor, which is specially designed to guard against electrostatic shocks, the Queen and company wore white jackets like all the employees at the facility. According to RIM, this was the first time the media had been allowed on the RIM work floor. The whole experience was very reminiscent of back in 1878 when Queen Victoria met Alexander Graham Bell and tried his new invention: the telephone.

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Wilfrid Laurier School of Business offers BlackBerry MBA program


This isn’t breaking news as it went live about a month ago, but it slipped under my radar and I have to post it. The Canadian Wilfrid Laurier School of Business and Economics in Waterloo, Ontario (near RIM headquarters), offers an MBA BlackBerry pilot program. The program puts a BlackBerry Curve 8900 in the hands of every student, as well as provides them with education and collaboration tools for their device.

The faculty even talks about using push technology to push content to their students’ BlackBerrys, and will be recording metrics to gauge which content is being accessed.

So if you’re a student in this program, feel free to hit up BlackBerry Cool for software and accessories. I have no problem giving you some cool applications for the device to test what it can do.

Quantum to Cosmos festival in Waterloo discusses big ideas


Beginning October 15th, and lasting 10 days, the Perimeter Institute is hosting Quantum to Cosmos: Ideas for the Future (Q2C).

The Perimeter Institute was founded in the summer of 1999 by Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM. The Institute is a center for innovation in Canada and is helping to spread access to fascinating and important research. PI is a world renowned organization devoted to theoretical physics and it remains a source of pride for Canada and scientists everywhere.

Q2C’s extensive program features more than 50 events – including panel discussions, keynote presentations, special screenings, exhibits including the full-scale model of the next Mars Rover (named Curiosity), and recorded sessions with Honorary Festival President Professor Stephen Hawking.

To follow this amazing festival, visit q2cfestival.com and TVO.org.

Jim Balsillie on the cover of Canadian Business


RIM CEO Jim Balsillie Canadian Business September Issue

When you’re Canadian Business Magazine and you want to sell some issues, it helps to put the most recognizable Canadian CEO on the cover. The September 29th issue has RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie front and center, with an interview discussing why the Kitchener-Waterloo area is the best place to do business in Canada (The issue is a “Top 40 Canadian Cities For Business” feature; the KW placed first and our very own Ottawa made the Top Ten). Here are some highlights from the interview.

On the core strengths of the Waterloo area:

“The core strengths here remain the highly collaborative community, a good quality of life, our technology infrastructure, and exceptional universities with a co-operative framing to education at their core,” says RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. “What’s become additionally exciting is the ability to make it a critical centre of excellence for new forms of intellectual capital.”

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