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Golden Shellback, the future of the waterproof BlackBerrys (audio)


Remember Golden Shellback
, those guys who were waterproofing iPods, BlackBerrys and all sorts of other electronics? Well, we had a chance to talk with Sid Martin about the process, when we can expect it to go public, the possibility of manufacturers like RIM picking it up, and how much it might cost you. For more info and updates on Golden Shellback, be sure to check out their site.

Hit the jump for the interview with Golden Shellback, as well as key snippets…

New treatment can totally waterproof your BlackBerry


What would you pay to have the inside and outside of your device coated in a nonconductive polymer to make it impervious to water, oil, dirt and pretty much any other synthetic liquids? $50-$75? Yeah that sounds about right. Meet the Golden Shellback. While it might not be ready for another 4-6 months until distribution methods are in place, I am rip-rearing to give this a shot. Go figure a bunch of maritimers sponsored a project like this – totally awesome, and combined with an OtterBox, it could easily turn your BlackBerry into one helluva rugged handheld.

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