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Tele Atlas says 90% of web developers think LBS will be a revenue generator


I’m not sure what all this fuss is over Web 2.0, especially since BlackBerry Cool has been Web 5.1 since at least early 2007. However, our good friends at Tele Atlas have announced today the findings from their “LBS and Web 2.0 Impact Survey” conducted at the recent Web 2.0 Expo. What are the pertinent deets? A whopping 92% of web developers and professionals believe that LBS represents a considerable business opportunity, and 48% percent indicated that they planned to offer an application with location capabilities within the next year.

Hmm… People keep talking about LBS being the next killer app, but Tele Atlas’ data seems to indicate that the web is finally serious about it. What will that mean? Now that he’s on vacation, how about a “Where in the world is Simon Sage” GPS tracker? Or maybe fun contests on Alcatraz Island using GPS-enabled BlackBerrys? Hmm…

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