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BlackBerry OS 6 Screenshots Emerge with Huge Touchscreen Implications


BlackBerry OS 6 details and screenshots are here from BGR and it looks like we’re going to see a much different BlackBerry than the one we’re used to. The whole UI and experience sounds like it’s in-line with a new web 2.0-based smartphone world, and RIM has learned a lot from what their users want and their partners are providing.

The latest OS 6 details seem like they’re going to have huge implications for BlackBerry touschscreen devices. Considering the latest buzz that Lazaridis said there were uncertainties around the touchscreen market, I think this is going to very certainly make touchscreen BlackBerrys much more awesome. Some of the new gestures such as click and hold to bring up contextual menus, will make the whole Storm (assuming it will get OS 6) experience much more rich. OS 6 also features system-wide kinetic scrolling with rubberbanding, which makes it a much smoother experience.

For non touchscreen users, the experience will still be much improved. Tabbed browsing is going to rock, and many of the UI improvements to email will make the whole experience easier on the eyes. Being able to see a quick icon preview of an incoming message will make things a little more efficient. That being said, RIM’s first party apps will surely play a big role in OS 6, allowing them to integrate with all the new features.

One thing of particular interest was that apparently the new inbox style features RSS feeds, which might explain the Viigo acquisition. Although, they probably wouldn’t need the acquisition for this, but I’m sure we’ll see more creative implementation of RSS in OS 6.

It’s a little too bad we didn’t hear anything about widget support, as I think they’ll play a big part in the BlackBerry app market in the coming years. It would have been interesting to see how OS 6 performs with widgets and lets them complement the user experience.

In terms of release date, it looks like we might see this actually hit the market in the June/July timeframe. This is incredible and it might mean an announcement at WES next week.
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Manage media between BlackBerry and Facebook with Dazzboard


While your BlackBerry has an incredible amount of Facebook integration with the latest build of Facebook for BlackBerry, there are still a few issues with the UI and managing your media. For example, if you want to upload a picture to Facebook from your BlackBerry, you can only do so one picture at a time.

Dazzboard is a free online service that allows you to drag and drop media between Facebook and your BlackBerry. The service also supports a variety of other web 2.0 initiatives such as Flickr and YouTube.

The product is currently only for PC and users with Firefox 3.x.

Try Dazzboard for Facebook and start drag and dropping your media today.

If your BlackBerry isn’t connecting, make sure to use Mass Media Storage Mode.

Implementing Google Wave open source code on BlackBerry


Google recently unveiled its latest open source online collaboration software Google Wave. Google Wave is an HTML 5 application that is a fairly evolutionary step in online communication. While on the Wave, you get threaded conversations, drag and drop media sharing, easy blog publishing and relatively seamless communication with others.

The creators, Lars and Jens Rasmussen, were also the creators of Google Maps. The Google Maps software works really well on BlackBerry and Google Wave could just as easily run on BlackBerry as well. According to Lars Rasmussen, the mobile component of Google Wave required only an additional 5% in engineering. Google Wave for mobile is the same software as the desktop component, it is just another layer.

Currently, RIM is developing its own Collaboration software called BlackBerry Groups. The software is a simple way of sharing tasks, messages, location, chat, calendar and contacts. We’ve already seen an attempt at this software when BlackBerry Unite launched but the project had very little success.
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Whrrl is coming to BlackBerry! Wait, what is Whrrl?


Whrrl LogoHey, more LBS/Web 2.0 news. I’m beginning to notice a trend. How do I know that this Whrrl for BlackBerry announcement is Web 2.0 related? Well, it’s about ‘mobile social discovery’, ‘user generated content’, and they spell the name of their application without any vowels. Just a handy heads up for all you old school BlackBerry users who aren’t on Facebook yet.

That’s right, Pelago announced support today of their mobile social discovery service for BlackBerry Pearl and Curve devices. Whrrl combines mapping and micro-blogging technology for discovering and sharing local information on people, places, events and experiences. The application is free to download, but is only available right now to people in the U.S., so post a comment BlackBerry Nation and let us know what you think.

Whrrl can be downloaded at www.whrrl.com. Web 2.0, baby!