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BlackBerry Partners Fund Selects Most Innovative WebWorks Apps


The BlackBerry Partners Fund has been searching for the best WebWorks apps (web apps for BlackBerry) and the winners have been selected. The apps are competing for the most innovative BlackBerry WebWorks app for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones (based on the OS 6.0 or higher). Each region had a winner. Click through for more details.
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Kompass for Basecamp Now Accepting Beta Testers


Basecamp is an incredibly effective and popular, web-based project management tool. The platform has needed a good BlackBerry app for some time now, and Kompass have created a mobile site to address this demand. Kompass has started selecting beta testers for their Kompass for Basecamp portal and it’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and offer valuable feedback.
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Expect more web apps as RIM launches BlackBerry Widget SDK



RIM have officially announced its BlackBerry Widget Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers to build apps using common web technologies. Included with the SDK is access to BlackBerry Widget APIs and other tools to easily create applications that can be distributed via BlackBerry App World or a BES.

BlackBerry Widget support will be available with BlackBerry OS 5.0, but developers can get a beta release of the Widget SDK today from blackberry.com/developers/widget.

While this SDK will allow developers to easily create web applications, one has to wonder if the apps that will be created will be of the same caliber that you currently see on App World. Apple’s App Store is plagued with what are called “bulk apps,” which are basically templated web apps that congest the market and don’t provide much added value.

There will be more news about BlackBerry Widgets at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and we hope to see you there.


Desktop sharing with PocketMeeting supports BlackBerry Bold



PocketMeeting is a simple web app that allows you to share your screen for meetings, tech support or even just to help a colleague with a particular problem. The web app is also compatible with the BlackBerry Bold which means you can be even more productive from your mobile device.

The app is pay per use, and at $5 it seems to be targeting the small to medium sized business range. The site doesn’t require any download or account setup, so if you’re looking for a fast way to share screens and you’re on the go, this could be for you.

Try PocketMeeting for your BlackBerry Bold at $5 per session