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Developers: Make Your HTML5 Apps Look Native With BBUI.JS Toolkit


Developing in HTML5 and Webworks for BlackBerry is a great way to create an app with a code base that you can use elsewhere. If you’re developing in Java, your app has somewhat of an end of life with BBX but there’s no end in sight to HTML5. Tim Neil, creator of the Batberry project, is working on a Webworks app to control the car and has written a handy toolkit to make your web app look like a BlackBerry app with very little code.
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Ever Wanted to Develop Your Own Apps? Try TreeHouse


At the BlackBerry Developer Conference this year we got a more in-depth look at BBX – the future of the BlackBerry platform. During the conference, we learned that HTML5 will be one of the programming languages that RIM will focus on and support. Web development gives you the benefit of deploying on multiple platforms and while it may not be the best route for gaming (better to use native development kit), it will certainly be a good language to start with as your first foray into BlackBerry development going forward. So do you want to learn web dev? Try TreeHouse.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference Call for Speakers Now Open


devcon 2011

DEVCON 2011 is confirmed for San Francisco on October 18th-20th. This year, there is plenty to talk about with the upcoming QNX OS, the PlayBook and all the different ways developers can make apps for the BlackBerry Platform. The Call for Speakers submission is now open for developers to submit their ideas for great sessions at the conference.
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RIM announces End of Life for BlackBerry MDS Runtime and Studio



BlackBerry MDS (Mobile Data System) is a development framework for BlackBerry that allows developers to use Visual Studio as a platform and use what RIM calls a RAD (rapid application development) method. The RAD development method involves a drag and drop interface where you can then create the code behind your forms to do the work.

This news comes after RIM announced new plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio. It seems that RIM is focusing on the Java and web development platforms so platforms such as MDS are all getting canceled.

As of December 31st,2009, both BlackBerry MDS Runtime and Studio will no longer be available. Runtime and Studio will lose support as of June 30th, 2010.

[Thanks for the tip J.M.]

UPDATE: Official notice from RIM.

PHP Web Developer opening at BBCool


BBCool wants YOUYeah, you read us all day long, but maybe that’s just not enough. Maybe you love us so much, that you wish upon shooting stars to someday, someday be a part of the BlackBerry Cool magic. Well, my friend, the day has come to meet your destiny. The day where you are dared to live the dream.

Must be an expert in:

At least a working knowledge of:

Bonus Round:
Xoops / Other open source CMS/Blogging software
The Facebook Platform

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