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Alicia Keys to Webcast the Keep Moving Experience Concert Tonight


Tonight as part of BlackBerry Live, Alicia Keys as well as musical guests Alabama Shakes, Miguel, Maria Gadu and Cedric Gervais will be webcasting a concert beginning at 7:30 pm. Continue reading ‘Alicia Keys to Webcast the Keep Moving Experience Concert Tonight’

Save The Date: BlackBerry for Business and Government Webcast Nov. 29th


The demo given at RIM’s BlackBerry Innovation Forum was an amazing opportunity to check out what’s in store for the PlayBook OS 2. RIM showed off the native PIM features such as email, calendar and contacts. The demo was smooth and the PIM features were all imbued with some Gist magic. RIM is hosting a BlackBerry for Business and Government webcast, and who knows, maybe they’ll show it off again.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Developer Webcasts Recapped


playbook and torch

Back in late October, we told you that RIM would be holding 5 weeks of BlackBerry PlayBook developer webcasts to answer some critical questions about PlayBook development. The official BlackBerry dev blog put up a recap of the webcasts, as well as answered some common questions that were asked in the Q&A portion of the webcasts. Those questions included:
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Reminder: BlackBerry PlayBook Webcast on App World Submissions


blackberry playbook

Just a reminder that RIM will be hosting a BlackBerry PlayBook webcast tomorrow where they’ll be discussing how to submit your PlayBook apps to App World. If you have a PlayBook app, definitely make sure to check out this webcast and get all the info you’ll need to collect your free PlayBook. Here are the details:

BlackBerry PlayBook Webcast: BlackBerry App World Submissions
Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST
Description: Get details on how to submit your application to BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Get a walkthrough of the submission process, how to sell your app and how the revenue is paid.

Reminder: 2nd Developer Webcast for PlayBook Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR


blackberry playbook

The next BlackBerry PlayBook webcast where RIM and Adobe will be demonstrating the SDK will be held on November 11th. The first webcast was helpful but there are still a lot of unanswered questions, so hopefully RIM has taken the time to plan out a little more about what features will be available to developers and give us a better idea of the roadmap. Remember, a lot of what they build into the feature roadmap will be based on demand so openly voice your support for certain features.

Register for the 2nd webcast at this link.

More Details on BlackBerry PlayBook Development from RIM Webcast


playbook gestures

The first of the BlackBerry PlayBook apps are being developed as we speak and it will be interesting to see what people come up with. Today, RIM hosted the first webcast for developers in a series that will span 5 weeks of PlayBook development help. Some of the details we learned in the webcast include:

  • RIM will be opening app world for PlayBook app submissions in about 2 weeks. More details about free PlayBooks for developers will come then.
  • The PlayBook will have a few cool gestures for switching apps, showing the keyboard and displaying device information such as battery life (pictured above).
  • The PlayBook will eventually support more than just Adobe AIR development. Developers will also be able to write apps for the PlayBook in Java and WebWorks.
  • Currently, there is no support for app splash screens but RIM will include it if there are enough devs asking for it.
  • App deployment over the BES is not finalized. The first version is a WiFi only version so no direct connection with BES but there will be tethering. No more details just yet.
  • Not a lot of information available on GPS and location support but this will be explained in future webcasts.
  • The PlayBook will have capabilities that the BlackBerry doesn’t.
  • The AIR SDK can leverage both front and rear facing cameras.
  • Theme Builder is not in the plans for the initial release but they’ll consider it if there is enough positive feedback.

The best part of the webcast was when Mike Kirkup said the PlayBook has a “kick ass” video processor. Can’t wait to check it out.