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BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Smartphones Updated With Mic API and More


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RIM Releases BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.1 for Smartphones


blackberry webworks at the developer conference

RIM has announced that BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.1 is available for BlackBerry smartphones. The update comes on the heels of the WebWorks SDK for the Tablet OS and provides similar functionality and APIs to the smartphone OS.

The new capabilities that WebWorks developers can now leverage include NTML & BASIC Authentication support, Camera API, Top Banner Indicator API, Enhanced Push APIs and improved rendering speeds for some applications. The WebWorks SDK also gives developers access to better app monetization methods such as better integration with the BBM Social Platform.

Developers can learn more about the new APIs at this link and can download the latest WebWorks SDK for BlackBerry Smartphones here.

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BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS Updated with Payment Service and More


webworks for tablet os

RIM has updated the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS to version 2.1. This latest version allows developers to leverage new APIs to create richer applications using standard web technologies. The WebWorks project is also open source and the code can be found on github.com/blackberry.

In this latest update to the SDK, new features include:

  • Support for the BlackBerry In App Payment API
  • Deeper integration with the Camera API for taking pictures/video from within the WebWorks applications
  • Microphone API which developers can use to activate the capability to record audio with the PlayBook’s microphone
  • Identity API provides applications with the ability to retrieve information about the BlackBerry PlayBook PIN
  • File IO API gives developers the possibility to read, copy and write files onto the Tablet OS file system

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RIM Announces tinyHippos’ Ripple Emulator Beta Supporting WebWorks Apps


RIM’s recent acquisition tinyHippos has brought the release of the Ripple emulator beta to support most of the BlackBerry WebWorks APIs. Bypassing the need to test the application in a simulator, the beta allows for a testing environment with advanced features including location based services and network response testing for apps.

Along with the Beta’s release is some details and documentation on the emulator’s support for the BlackBerry WebWorks APIs.

For more info on the Ripple emulator beta, visit tinyHippos.
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