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WES 08 Hangover Week: RSA announces BlackBerry security advancements


CD LockBack at WES, RSA announced updates to their SecurID for BlackBerry due in Q2. Their existing SecurID Token produces new passwords every minute used to access sensitive information on the corporate network. Paired up with an individual’s PIN number, you’ve got a system that keeps an airtight seal on information. The new features include easy Wi-Fi access on your thusly-enabled BlackBerry, updates to turn your BlackBerry into a one-time-password-provisioning device, and more options for BES admins.

WES 08 Hangover Week: BeamBerry previews offline PDF viewing


BeamBerry PDFBeamberry was showing off an upcoming PDF viewer at WES, toting offline file viewing. That means you can view full fidelity PDFs even when you don’t have a signal, since it’s all rendered on-device. BeamBerry PDF Reader, available this June, will be able to process PDFs stored on microSD or internal memory, attached to e-mail, or accessed through web links. An especially handy bundled feature is a file navigator to find and organize your locally-stored PDFs, as well text search. Keep an eye out for it soon!


Last chance to vote for the People’s Choice!


Best of WES 2008

Our People’s Choice Best of WES contest is going to wrap up tonight, so get your votes in! Keep an eye out for our podcast on Friday when we announce the winners as decided by our esteemed panel of judges, as well as the People’s Choice winners as decided by… well, uh, the people.

WES 08 Hangover Week: GPXS grabs ISEC7


GPXSWe talked with the young and talented ISEC7 crew back at WES, but neglected to mention their recent acquisition by solutions provider GPXS. ISEC7’s main product is a BES monitoring suite called B*Nator that includes spiffy BlackBerry remote control app for help desk operators, while GPXS offers a wide array of services, ranging from enterprise application deployment, to hosted BES. ISEC7 shows a lot of promise, and is definitely a good buy on GPXS’ part.

WES 08 Hangover Week: BlackBerry Developer Conference


Developer ConferenceA new conference geared specifically to the fine folks who create products for BlackBerry has been launched, with the date set to October 20th. in Santa Clara, California. Topics such as “Building Powerful Enterprise Applications on the BlackBerry Platform” and “Integrating Location-Based Services” will be covered, but you can suggest what you want to see at the conference when you sign up for e-mail updates. It’s a good sign for the disgruntled devs out there, considering the opportunity to help influence the BlackBerry infrastructure, as well as learn a few tricks of the trade. It’s probably safe to assume that there will be a lot of WES-style sessions, hands-on labs, and maybe even some of those new certification tests.

WES 08 Hangover Week: Flowfinity announces picture support


FlowfinityIn the spirit of WES 08 Hangover Week, we’re going to start running down all the releases that happened at WES that we were way too busy to cover. The first in a long list, is Flowfinity’s announced upgrade to 5.5 in Q3, which will include support for attaching pictures to their task management system. Lots of BlackBerrys have cameras now, and believe it or not, they can be used for work as well as play. It wasn’t long ago that they announced GPS support, which will likely mesh nicely with photos. In fact, I think one of the Innovation Awards winners at WES won for being able to geotag photos of graffiti and assign clean-up personnel to the location… Sounds very much like something Flowfinity will be able to pull off.