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WES 08 Interview: ISEC7


TieguyWe covered these guys when we first heard of their remote control app, so it was good to sit down and talk with Guido and Matthias about B*Nator, and their Remote Control feature available for free trial over here.

Hot off the press! Hi-Res Zumobi screenshots!



Although we recommend you check out Simon’s video preview of Zumobi for BlackBerry, we also wanted to show you some hi-res shots of the nascent application and its slick interface (grainy YouTube videos aren’t really the best for that). Hey, is that a BlackBerry Cool logo that I see? Why, yes it is! Zumobi for BlackBerry drops in June.

See more Zumobi shots after the jump

Vote NOW for the People’s Choice at WES 2008


Best of WES 2008 Vote Now

The Solutions Showcase is now closed for good at WES 2008, which can mean only one thing: It’s time to let your voice be heard! You’ve seen the products, listened to the interviews, and walked the showfloor (if you’re here). Now all that’s left is to choose your favorite company and product in all of our Best of WES categories.

You can either head over to our Best of WES page, or click the giant button above.

Let’s go, BlackBerry Cool Nation: Rock the Vote!

WES 08 Special Guest Editorial: NJBlackBerry can’t choose just one


Clinton Obama

Many in the BlackBerry Cool Nation are familiar with the name NJBlackBerry. A BlackBerry Forums Super (Duper?) Moderator, NJBlackBerry has guided many a BlackBerry newb through the growing pains of memory leaks, device wipes, and forgotten passwords. This week he’s been kind enough to help us as a Best of WES judge for IT/Admin products and services. Watching him carve up the show floor like a seasoned pro has been a sight to behold.

However, while we asked NJB to give us the one name that stood above the rest, he refused: there was simply too much good stuff at WES 2008 to be ignored. So we asked him to give us a laundry list of everything a smart IT Admin would want.

Click here to see NJBlackBerry’s favorite companies

Wblogging at WES 08


This revolutionary trend in Web 2.0 will change the way the world blogs (and help keep us slim).

WES 08 Video: Zumobi


Zumobi is a promising new platform for content delivery, featuring a slick interface for widgets. Plop in your tiles, zoom in, get your fix, and zoom out to keep browsing. We take a look at the upcoming BlackBerry client.