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Only 1 Week Left Until RIM Promised OS 5 RollBack



There is only 1 week left until RIM promised us that OS 5.0 would be available. It would be great if it’s still coming but with only a week left you have to wonder if they can do it. Also, given this is the holidays, they are surely short staffed.

According to the official word that Kevin got from RIM:

The roll out process has begun for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 with the recent beta release of BlackBerry JDE 5.0 (BlackBerry Java Development Environment 5.0) to BlackBerry Developer Zone at www.blackberry.com/developers to prepare the BlackBerry developer community for pending device software releases. As can be expected, BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 will follow before the end of the year, as referenced in the “RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0″ press release that was issued at WES 2009.

The official statement doesn’t tell us what devices will receive OS 5, but rather vaguely states that it will be available. One would have to assume that this would include the 9000, and the 83xx series at the very least.

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BlackBerry Developer Conference registration open now


You can now register for the BlackBerry Developer Conference which takes place November 9th to the 12th in San Francisco.

There are a ton of savings available if you register early. There is a $200 Early Bird savings if you register before September 18th,2009. As well, if you attended last year’s BBDC or WES 2009, you get an additional $100 Alumni Discount.

Here is what you’ll find at BBDC 2009:

  • The inside scoop on developing for the BlackBerry platform and the very latest in software, hardware and tools from RIM and its partners
  • Invaluable information directly from RIM experts who will personally share their expertise
  • First-hand experiences from developers who have successfully created, integrated and managed wireless applications
  • Best practices from industry leaders to shortcut development cycles and drive new applications to market

See the official site for more details and press registration.


Cloud computing as it pertains to mobile application development



At WES 2009, RIM made it very clear that cloud computing was on the long term agenda for developing useful services for enterprise. While handsets are becoming more powerful and network infrastructure can handle stronger loads, cloud computing will help push the industry even further by taking the lion’s share of these stresses.

A new architecture based on software running in the cloud will drastically change the way mobile applications are developed, acquired, and used. According to a new study from ABI Research, this will be a profoundly disruptive development that could eclipse the current mobile application model by 2014, delivering revenue of nearly $20 billion annually by the end of that year.

“Mobile application developers today face the challenge of multiple mobile operating systems,” says senior analyst Mark Beccue. “Either they must write for just one OS, or create many versions of the same application. More sophisticated apps require significant processing power and memory in the handset. Using Web development, applications can run on servers instead of locally, so handset requirements can be greatly reduced and developers can create just one version of an application. This trend is in its infancy today, but ABI Research believes that eventually it will become the prevailing model for mobile applications.”
Continue reading the ABI Research data regarding cloud computing and software development

Email sig to contact app gwabbit Beta test available


gwabbit is an interesting product that was at WES this year. The app goes through your email looking for signatures. It then takes the information displayed in the signature, and uses it to add the person to your contacts.

The app was previously only available for desktop, but they now have a sneak peak beta available for download. The company is still putting the finishing touches on the app which will be made publicly available on May 26th.

[ED Note: The Beta link has been disabled but we’ll let you know when the app goes live.]


Top 3 predictions for BlackBerry and RIM in 3 years


At WES 2009, some of the guys behind the BlackBerry community were asked to present their thoughts on where BlackBerry is going in the next 3 years.

Five of the top BlackBerry Bloggers make their Top 3 BlackBerry Futures predictions at the BoxTone Annual User Conference 2009 co-located with WES 2009 in Orlando, FL on 5-May-09. Hear the great predictions from Al Sacco of CIO.com/MobileWorkHorse, Kyle McInnes of BlackBerryCool.com, Simon Sage of IntoMobile.com, Howie Rapapport of Port3101.org, and Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry.com.

Al Sacco – CIO.com

1. BlackBerry hardware will become more robust.
2. More BlackBerry device management.
3. Improvement of the BlackBerry user experience.

Kyle McInnes – BlackBerryCool.com

1. Increase in smartphone adoption and lower-end BlackBerry devices.
2. Greater enterprise functionality.
3. Globalization of BlackBerry devices and new foreign markets.

Simon Sage – IntoMobile.com

1. Mass adoption of BlackBerry-based LBS apps.
2. Pay as you go BlackBerry plans.
3 A slider BlackBerry device.

Howie Rapapport – Port3101.org

1. Availability – the ability to properly monitor and scale your environment.
2. Compliance – knowing which apps have been deployed and controlling this system.
3. Convergence – the device will replace your laptop to be your mobile office.

Kevin Michaluk – CrackBerry.com

1. BlackBerry hardware will become faster and more intelligent.
2. RIM eats Palm (potential buyout?)
3. Smartphones, and BlackBerry, will remain a powerful industry.


The Best of WES 2009 roundup – what’s your favorite?


At WES 2009, I did my best to walk around the showroom floor and vPost the highlights from the show. WES has become an enterprise centric show and WES 2010 will likely be the same. Personally, I’m hoping RIM will start a new conference with a consumer theme, but they’ll likely save the consumer news for CTIA 2010.

I’ve taken the time to repost the Best of WES 2009 on BlackBerry Cool so you can review the entries and vote. We’re voting on the following categories:

1) Best consumer app
2) Best enterprise app
3) Overall favorite application at the show
Click through to see the highlights from WES 2009