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The Best of WES 2009 – vote on your favorites


So WES 2009 is finished and it’s time to check out the Best of WES 2009 page and vote on your favorite applications. There isn’t necessarily every company listed on the Best of WES, so if something isn’t there, feel free to nominate a company.

To vote, comment your top 3 in terms of:

1. Best consumer application
2. Best enterprise application
3. Overall favorite application at the show

Comment now and let us know!

Save email signatures to contacts with gwabbit for BlackBerry



gwabbit is a cool BlackBerry app being demo’d here at WES 2009. gwabbit for BlackBerry automatically searches and identifies signatures embedded in emails and adds or updates that information to your Blackberry address book, in a single click. For those users syncing their contacts to Outlook, gwabbit’s automated capture keeps contacts updated globally.

gwabbit for Blackberry will be available at the end of May for an annual subscription of $9.95. Whether you are a sales person, real estate agent, lawyer, addicted networker, or tech savvy traveler, gwabbit brings together simple, automated contact management.

Get your 14 day free trial of gwabbit for BlackBerry.

gwabbit for Outlook is available for a single, one-time fee of $19.95.

Remember to check out the Best of WES where we’ll be voting on companies here at WES 2009.

Jim Balsillie, Shane Robinson and Malcolm Gladwell at WES 2009


By Nan Palmero and Kyle McInnes

Jim Balsillie was the first keynote presenter and he was introducing the speakers more than giving a presentation himself. It was good to see Jim Dog but the man of the hour was definitely Malcolm Gladwell.

Shane Robinson executive vice president, chief strategy officer at HP was at WES to talk about their latest cloud-based initiatives. The cloud is an innovative platform that is going to lead to some incredible applications for mobile and desktop alike. Shane put it best when he described the innovation following the birth of PC. When PC was developed, there was two decades of growth in applications and users. The cloud is the next platform to provide another two decades of growth.
Continue reading about the great keynotes given at WES 2009

The Best of WES 2009 – follow and vote!


There is a Posterous account going right now where I’m vPost’ing the Best of WES 2009. At the end of the conference, we’ll all get together and vote on what you believe was the Best of WES 2009. The winner will get to buy me a beer and I’ll maybe hug them.

Keep in mind that WES 2009 is a consumer focused show this year so when we cast our votes, we’ll have several entries including “Best Consumer App”, “Best Enterprise App” and “Most Innovative App.”

What do you think of the entries so far?


Cortado adds BlackBerry scan and fax features with BES 5.0


Cortado specializes in mobile document management and they have announced support for BES 5. BES 5.0 now includes file access for documents behind a company’s firewall, and with the Cortado solution provides users with extensive file support as well as a wide range of output options such as printing, faxing and PDF rendering.

Here is a quick breakdown of the newest features you’ll find in Cortado:

– PDF rendering: the first PDF creator for BlackBerry smartphones. Save, print, fax and e-mail PDF files
– Instant Database Reporting: View, e-mail, print or fax database reports from almost any database
– Print to network printer in accordance with the user’s rights in the active directory
– Search for printers in the active directory
– Print to Bluetooth-printers
– Present-to-Screen: Present or view documents from a smartphone on a computer screen or projector
– Mobile fax and short fax: Send any document to a fax machine or quickly create faxes using short fax templates

We’ve entered Cortado in our Best of WES 2009 competition so be sure to keep checking for updates.


Mike Lazaridis keynote at WES 2009 – BlackBerry 10 years later


Mike Lazaridis WES 2009

As we have said before, WES 2009 is not the place for device launches. As much as we wanted to see the BlackBerry Niagara launch, this conference is not about hardware. The major news is BES 5.0, security updates, an alliance with HP as well as the release of RIM’s push API’s to developers.

As Mike Lazaridis took the stage, part of me was hoping that he would talk hardware for just a moment but it wasn’t going to happen. Mike took us through some figures, reflecting on the success of the BlackBerry over the past 10 years. Some measures of success include:

  • 10 years of BlackBerry sales.
  • 50 million sold, 26 million in this fiscal year alone.
  • The BlackBerry has become “mission critical.”

Mike Lazaridis focused his keynote on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0. The latest updates to BES help organizations make push services work for them more efficiently, and ultimately save organizations costs.

The part I enjoyed most about Mike’s keynote was when he quoted Rove’s ELLB movement almost verbatim. At one point Mike Lazaridis said, “what if you could leave your laptop behind?” This idea truly embodies the direction and vision at RIM. Your mobile device is become so feature rich and powerful, that eventually your laptop will become obsolete.

Mike Lazaridis’ favorite development at RIM? App World. Mike talked about how he started his career as a developer, and the development community is what makes this device so robust. App World is helping developers make more money for their work, and get their apps in front of millions of potential buyers. App World also fosters competition, encouraging developers to make better and cheaper applications.

WES has some great news for developers and enterprise but this conference has moved away from the consumer space. Perhaps device launches are going to be left in the hands of carriers.