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Announcements roundup at WES 2009


First thing you should know: don’t expect any hardware announcements at WES. The show is more centered around BES announcements as well as giving international press a chance to see the inner workings of their MVS, push API and systems that BlackBerry Cool readers are already very familiar with. That being said, the show will still feature some great announcements on the software side including a fairly big announcement from Google (NDA lifts at 17:30 EST).
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Experience the Best of WES 2009 on Twitter


vPost by Vayyoo has become a great tool for covering conferences. Even RIM used the tool internally to cover the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

That’s why we’re working with them to bring you the highlights for WES 2009.

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Also, you’re going to be at WES 2009, leave your Twitter name in the comments section and we’ll follow you back.

The idea is that each company does their pitch to the feed, and we vote on them. Companies can use vPost to send in their pitch themselves, or individuals can record them on their own device.

To contribute a pitch, download a copy of vPost for your device.

Send your vPosts to:


Hope you can make it out this year to see what’s in store for BlackBerry.


WES 2009: Follow the BoxTone Lounge on Twitter and win


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We’re fast approaching WES 2009 and this year BoxTone is having a daily draw of laser etched BlackBerry cases by Coveroo. To win, you just have to follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter and you might get randomly selected.

Once 1,000 Twits are following The Lounge, a random winner will be selected for a special prize.

Hope you win!

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WES 2009: The Lounge sponsored by BoxTone


WES 2008 boxtone
Photo courtesy of BoxTone.

BoxTone will be hosting some great content at WES from their event The Lounge, sponsored by BoxTone. The Lounge will feature a variety of discussions during what they call the Birds of a Feather. Everyone is invited to stop by and hang out in The Lounge. We’ll be podcasting from The Lounge so you can also come meet BlackBerry Cool there. Check out some of the topics being discussed:

  • The In’s and Out’s of Managing > 3,000 Smartphones
  • Tweaking the BES Performance
  • Controlling IT Policies
  • Terms of Use & Employee Owned Devices
  • Migrating to BES 5.0

BoxTone will also be hosting a panel entitled, “Media Predictions: Top 3 Predictions in Next 3 years.” I’ll be presenting at this panel and although it’s not available to the general public, everything will be taped and made public soon after.


Meet BlackBerry Cool at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2009 (WES)


attend wes 2009

From May 5th to May 7th, WES 2009 is shaping up to be a great conference. There have been rumors about a new BlackBerry device as well as a demo of the first 4G BlackBerry. With over 125 sessions going on, including 23 on the subject of BES 5, there will be a ton of content on the site.

Here’s just a sampling from the more than 125 sessions that will be offered this year:

  • Customer Panel – An Inside Look at BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 5.0
  • Best Practices for Measuring Your BlackBerry Enterprise Server Performance
  • Is Unified Communications and Fixed-Mobile Convergence Right for You?
  • High Availability for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server – Up Close and Interactive
  • Who’s Who? Classifying Your Employees’ Mobile Requirements
  • Mobile ROI: The Trends, Facts and Fiction
  • Modern Healthcare and Mobility
  • Coding Shortcuts: Custom Application Development for Multiple BlackBerry® Operating Systems

Looking to get coverage of your company at WES? Email me and we’ll book a convenient time. kyle [at] blackberrycool [dot] com.

Register for WES 2009 now and save $400!


2009 is barely out of swaddling clothes, but it’s already time to talk about WES 2009, which takes place in sunny Orlando, Florida, from May 5th to 7th. Maybe that’s because WES 2008 was such a great show, with tonnes of people, energy and enthusiasm. Our friends in Waterloo are already banging the drum for registrations, and while I would normally ignore such requests until the last possible minute (no offense meant guys, I also have this mindset with movie rentals and filing taxes), RIM has sweetened the pot with a fairly hefty discount. If you register for WES 2009 before March 6th, you can save $400, not exactly chump change in these troubling times. We’ve included the WES registration link below, as well as links for hotel registration and a list of keynote speakers (Mikey L. and Malcolm Gladwell, yes!). See you at WES 2009!

WES 2009 Registration Page
WES 2009 Hotel Registration Page
WES 2009 Keynote Speakers List