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BlackBerry Partners Fund Announces Developer Challenge 2010


Today, the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced the 2010 Developer Challenge. In addition to focusing on “Super Apps” that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform, this year’s challenge is a bit different from those held in the two years prior.

Here is a quick breakdown of this year’s Developer Challenge:

  • Total prize package is valued at over US$1.5 Million;
  • The Challenge is the first to recognize BlackBerry smartphone apps on a regional basis across four global regions;
  • Both newly developed and existing applications can be entered into the Challenge;
  • Applications will be judged in seven distinct categories, based on quality, user experiences and how effectively they incorporate “Super App” characteristics;
  • Challenge will reward the BlackBerry developer community at many levels to benefit more developers than ever before;
  • Finalists will receive unique prizes to support their development on the BlackBerry platform and to help them achieve commercial success;
  • Up to 400 Regional Selections will receive a free BlackBerry smartphone;
  • Up to 28 Regional Semi-Finalists will each receive prize packages worth over USD$16,000;
  • Up to 12 Regional Finalists will each receive prize packages valued at almost USD$35,000;
  • Up to four Regional Winners will each receive a prize pack valued at USD$85,000;

Entries can be submitted starting today and will be accepted until September 6, 2010.

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WES 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards Announced


Wednesday’s general session started off with the WES 2010 Wireless Leadership Awards: celebrating excellence and innovation in wireless and mobility. In this showcase of software and deployments, RIM showcases the most innovative solutions across the different sectors.


Innovation in the Public Sector – State of Florida Department of Children and Families for their remote data capture app.

The app allows caseworkers to enter data and track visits quickly and easily. An hour of extra desk work is bypassed by using the mobile app. The application allows caseworkers to focus on the visit rather than worry about the details of the data entry. Database access allows for quick accuracy checks, which is of upmost importance when dealing with child welfare.
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BlackBerry to Push Ahead with Preloaded App World and Quality vs Quantity


I got a chance to speak with RIM’s Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, about BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry global app store has undergone some big changes since it’s launch in the fall of 2008, with lots of exciting things happening in the near future.

In that time, RIM has noticed some developer issues when bringing mobile apps from other platforms over to BlackBerry and App World. Many developers, in an effort to rush to market have discovered just how fickle the platform can be. Many problems arise from the large amount of device and OS combinations, resulting in a laundry list of bugs. Other apps are not optimized for the BlackBerry, or simply don’t apply some of the advantages the BlackBerry platform offers such push data services.

This minor epidemic of well-intentioned but badly executed apps has caused the App World experience for some developers to be a bit sour, especially when users give apps a bad rating for not performing as intended. Bouncing back from a bad rating in App World is quite difficult, as bad ratings curb downloads and users are less likely to give a badly rated app a good rating further exacerbating the problem, even after the bugs have been fixed.
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[Audio] WES 2010 General Session Keynote with Mike Lazaridis


Click here to listen to the keynote yourself.

The first WES2010 general session took place today and Mike Lazaridis gave a keynote very similar to the presentation he gave to analysts yesterday. To pull off these big keynotes, two massive conference rooms are consolidated into one giant sit-down business rock concert. There is a huge lighting and projector rig with lots of BlackBerry branding floating across all the screens. Almost all of the WES attendees are here, thousands fill the seats tapping their BlackBerry smartphones.

Mike Lazaridis takes the stage and is greeted with warm applause from the audience. Here are some of the key points he shared with the WES audience:

  • RIM has sold over 90 million BlackBerry smartphones sold to date.
  • There are currently 41 Million Customers, Mike also mentioned he has a goal of growing that to 100-million users.
  • “Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do” in reference to the Platform’s true strength. BlackBerry efficiently utilizes networks, battery, and software.
  • 20 million users have downloaded App world, half of the devices in the wild. App World users download a million apps every day.
  • “BlackBerry has the best apps, not the most apps” in reference to the quality of apps on BlackBerry App World.
  • Super Apps work well together, and work well with native apps.
  • Email was the platform’s first super app now developers can make them too.
  • There are 20 million BBM users worldwide.

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WES 2010 Pictures Trending on Twitter With Crowdreel


Crowdreel is a great way to see what’s trending photo-wise on Twitter. With hundreds of photos uploaded every minute to Twitter, Crowdreel gives you real-time access to these images and lets you search, share and explore them. It’s always great to see when BlackBerry trends on Twitter and right now WES 2010 pics are trending! Right now Crowreel is powered by twitter, twitpic, yfrog, TweetPhoto, twitgoo, mobypicture and Flickr, so be sure to share your WES pics on one of these services to get discovered.

Check out WES 2010 on Crowdreel.

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WES 2010: Day 1 Impressions: 9650, 9100, MVS 5 and BlackBerry 6


The first day of WES started with an early morning press meeting. RIM announced a couple of new devices as well as the new MVS system. Later in the day Mike Lazaridis gave a talk, which sounded like a state of the union address to BlackBerry nation. It was clear in short order what the big talking points of the conference would be: The two sleek and powerful new BlackBerry smartphones, MVS 5.0, BlackBerry 6, The QNX acquisition and the much anticipated Webkit browser.

The Pearl 3G is sleek and colorful device. What used to be categorized as an entry-level device is now a small form-factor powerhouse. After seeing it in the flesh, it’s obvious the 9100 will become a top selling smartphone.
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