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SXSWi: Is All This Advertising Really Worth It?



If you had the chance to experience South by Southwest Interactive, the first thing that hits you is the noise. It seems almost every person in the world with a tech startup is at the show hustling and trying to be the next big thing. Popular marketing tools at the show include stickers, posters, QR codes, and cute girls with pamphlets whom some of them can’t answer basic questions about the app. One company that was making a huge push was GroupedIn. The company went further than most, buying up mobile billboards and trying to stay above the noise by pouring marketing dollars into the show. But is it really worth it?
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US Patent Office Issues Both Poynt and Where Similar Geofence Patents



Today, Poynt announced that Poynt Corp. has been issued a patent for delivering location-based offers and coupons to smartphones based on GPS location and user profile. The patent, which Poynt says was originally claimed in 2000, enables Poynt to match users with relevant deals and coupons within any pre-defined geographic area (a geofence). The patent number is 7,870,229, and is described as:

“A network adapted to target an individual operating a microcomputer that is linked to an Internet to offer this individual goods or services appropriate to his needs that are available at a place within reach of the individual’s present location.”
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BlackBerry Cool haiku contest winner announcement



The winner is Lana G. who posted her haiku on BlackBerry Cool and won the attention of the good folks at WHERE.com. Lana wins a BlackBerry of her choice and will be contacted by the company shortly. Congratulations Lana G! I’m totally PB and jels (jealous).


Vote for your favorite BlackBerry Cool Haiku


It’s your turn to vote! We had over 100 haikus to go through! We laughed, we cried, we watched and we listened and have finally narrowed it down to the Top 10 you see below. The haiku with the most votes will win it’s author a BlackBerry of their choice, courtesy of the WHERE mobile application. Voting ends 3/16 at 12:00am.
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Win a BlackBerry from WHERE and BlackBerry Cool


In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching for the BlackBerry Storm, WHERE has partnered with BlackBerry Cool to give away a free BlackBerry to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry?! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it’s up to you, BlackBerry Cool community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Some Example Haikus to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
• Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
• Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, “Whatcha talking about Willis”
• Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
• How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it’s tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for BlackBerry.com and Where.com.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to your Haikus!

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First Look! WHERE GPS application launches for BlackBerry Bold


WHERE is a popular location-based application that uses your BlackBerrys GPS capabilities to deliver essential information about what’s around you (e.g. where is the nearest Starbucks?). On Monday, WHERE will be launching support for the BlackBerry Bold. We’re not supposed to be letting you know until then, but we were able to find the helpful YouTube video above describing how to use WHERE on your BlackBerry Bold, and we couldn’t wait. If the video isn’t enough, check out the link below for more information.

WHERE for BlackBerry