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First look at the BlackBerry Javelin


BlackBerry Javelin

Remember the BlackBerry Javelin? It’s the 3G-less BlackBerry in the 9xxx family due out sometime in 2009. A lack of 3G doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause, however, because the Javelin still packs Wi-Fi, GPS, a beautiful half-VGA screen and something the bold doesn’t have: a 3.2Mpx camera.

We’ll keep you in the know as we learn more.

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Check out BlackBerry Javelin details after the jump

Rogers BlackBerry 8120 Hands-on, WiFi browsing is lame


Rogers BlackBerry 8120

You didn’t think I went all the way to Rogers HQ just for a pink BlackBerry, did you? The mysterious ninja that is RogersDude69 also let me put my paws on the recently released BlackBerry 8120, which is notable for its WiFi/UMA support and being the first BlackBerry to launch with OS 4.5.

First to WiFi. It should be noted that if you don’t have an active account (i.e., if you’re not using a post-paid SIM card) you cannot use the web browser. With an active SIM in the 8120, but the “Mobile Network” option turned off in your Connection Manager, the browser will connect sometimes, but it’s very spotty.

While the AT&T version of the BlackBerry 8120 has a separate icon for WiFi browsing, it gets a little bit trickier with the Rogers version. With no separate browser, you have to make sure your BlackBerry Browser is set to the WiFi Hotspot option. Unfortunately, browsing using the WiFi can be excruciatingly slow, and I could beat the 8120 to most pages using my EV-DO BlackBerry 8330. I highly recommend disabling JavaScripts in your browser options, which can make a noticeable difference. I’m not sure why exactly browsing is so slow, but I’m willing to be it has something to do with the 8120’s legacy-8700 processor.

We’re going to play around with the BlackBerry 8120 some more (specifically its UMA features), and let you know when we’ve found OS 4.5’s other idiosyncrasies.


BlackBerry 8120, 8320 coming to Rogers?


RogersWord has it Rogers will be shoving out the Wi-Fi Pearl sometime soon, doubling up on previous speculation. This would be pretty big news, as it would be a helluva great release valve for Canadian wireless data rates, and the first step towards their rumored UMA service.

UPDATE: A rep just told me that they’ll have the Wi-Fi Curve, and confirmed the coming UMA service in around a month’s time. Still no word on a Bold date, but likely a month or two after the US.

BlackBerry Bold officially announced


BlackBerry Bold 9000Well, we expected it, but it’s still exciting to get a press release for a new BlackBerry device right after the stroke of midnight. Yep, RIM has officially announced the release of the BlackBerry 9000 Bold. Expect the newest addition to the RIM family to appear sometime this ‘summer’ on AT&T, then T-Mobile. We’ve got a quick hit of details below and the full press release after the jump. Also, make sure to check out www.blackberrybold.com, which has now gone live.

**Tri-band HSDPA
**Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g)
**Half-VGA (480×320 resolution) color LCD
**128 MB Flash memory plus 1 GB on-board storage memory
**2 megapixel camera with video recording capability, built-in flash and 5x digital zoom
**16GB microSD/SDHC card support
**Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 support
**iTunes support via BlackBerry Media Sync
**5 hour talk time, 13 days stand-by

Full BlackBerry Bold press release

No 3G on BlackBerry 9100?


small9100Excited about the recently-revealed Kickstart? We got some info suggesting the upcoming flip BlackBerry will likely be the 9100 when it hits the streets, supporting EDGE, OS 4.6, 802.11b, and 802.11g flavours of Wi-Fi. No 3G yet, but who knows what will happen before it comes out. The screen size will be 240 x 320, just as wide, but longer than the Pearl’s 240 x 260 screen. Other info alluding to an external display pretty much seals the model number issue. It wouldn’t be surprising if 3G and Wi-Fi couldn’t fit under the 9100’s hood, considering the Pearl had similar issues, but later versions could easily mix and match Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G.

BlackBerry 9000 battery A-O-K


BlackBerry 9000RIM officials have gone on the record to say that they’re totally satisfied with the battery life of the upcoming BlackBerry 9000. There were earlier reports from testers that you couldn’t get more than two hours of web browsing over Wi-Fi with it, but a RIM spokesperson explains that ” ‘power management protocols’ (the software that helps control what parts of the BlackBerry get powered) are typically disabled on prototype devices in order to simplify the software debugging process”. The latest rumors are suggesting an August release for the new device.