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WICKSoft launches Atachment Viewer for BlackBerry


Some of you may think that the release of the BlackBerry Bold and OS 4.6 has solved the attachment viewing problem on the BlackBerry (the Bold comes with various free DataViz Documents to Go applications). However, most BlackBerry users aren’t Bold users and there are many devices out there that won’t be able to update to higher OS versions (how many people are still waiting for OS 4.5?).

WICKSoft has released their Attachment Viewer for BlackBerry, which supports all BlackBerry devices (even the 7290!), more document formats (e.g. OpenOffice) and loads quicker than Documents to Go. WICKSoft gave me the application earlier this week and I can say that it’s much easier to use when you’re looking at attachments with multiple pages; the increased speed really reduces the frustration factor of waiting for pages to load. You can see the full press release and some images after the jump.

WICKSoft Attachment Viewer Release

BlackBerry Cool WES 2008 Hangover


While the rest of the BBCool crew is enjoying a well-deserved, post-WES holiday (what we call in Canada Victoria Day), I thought I’d put up a post for all those in the BlackBerry Cool Nation returning to work today. While there’s tons of content to see at our Best of WES page, I’m going to pull out the creme of the crop to help you get through the day.

Podcasts: We did four podcasts during the week, but three really stand out and should be listened to by everyone in the BlackBerry space. Why is that? Maybe because we interviewed a cadre of AAA BlackBerry developers, a top-level carrier VP, and an industry analyst who has covered BlackBerrys for ten years.

Podcast 1 — Every Laptop Left Behind Panel (Rove, WICKSoft, LiquidTalk)
Podcast 2 — Irv Witte, VP of Business Marketing, Rogers
Podcast 3 — Andrew Brown, Analyst, Strategy Analytics

Viigo Project Tango Sneak Preview and Interview: Basically everyone we ran into at WES told us they read BlackBerry Cool through Viigo. See why.

Zumobi and Unify4Life: One of the best things about WES is seeing cool new products that you can’t wait to own. Unify4Life and Zumobi (hi-res screenshots) were those products this year.

NJBlackBerry Talks IT Admin
: BlackBerry Forums hero NJBlackBerry talks like a kid in a candy store about all the great products and services for IT Admins at WES.

YouTube Videos: Want to see the BlackBerry Bold launch video? Want to know what wBloggin is? Go here.

Finally, EVERYONE wanted a BlackBerry Cool tee shirt this year. Don’t be left out.

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: WES 08 Day 2 (Every Laptop Left Behind)


Refreshed and back in tip-top shape, BBCool Simon and I return with one of our best podcasts yet, although you can probably attribute that to our guests: Rob Woodbridge of Rove, Will Hickie of WICKSoft and Dave Peak of LiquidTalk.

Listen in as we talk about the panel that these three gentlemen are participating in (”Every Laptop Should Be Left Behind”) and what it means for the future of mobility. Also, we talk about American political folk music, and why $150 million dollars isn’t that big of a deal.

Listen to the podcast via MP3, RSS/XML, or iTunes. To learn more about the Every Laptop Left Behind movement, head here.

Or, stream the podcast after the jump.

Sneak peek at WICKSoft version 3.6


Doug and I met up with local Ottawa developer WICKSoft the other day to check out their mobile document access system, and were both duly impressed. If you don’t have the time to check out their flash demos, these guys offer a quick, secure, and easy-to-use document access program for a wide variety of server types. They also showed us the work they’re doing with some big-name partners, so you can expect some fine products plugging in to WICKSoft soon. Version 3.6 will be officially announced at WES (along with those new partnerships we can’t mention yet), featuring some pretty slick additions. We heard about their integration with Novell not too long ago, and it was cool to finally see it in action. It was impressive to see how quick and painless server-side installation went, as well as their full range of security features. Which isn’t to say that WICKSoft suffers on the user side of the equation: essentially, if you work at a company where mobile access to documents is a priority, WICKSoft is for you.

You can expect more coverage of WICKSoft from the ‘Cool at WES (which attendees can see for themselves at booth #731), with a review to follow shortly after. Until then, scope the new deets after the jump.

Check out a list of new features and some quick impressions for WICKSoft 3.6.

WICKSoft announces Novell Teaming + Conferencing support


WICKSoft logoWICKSoft announced yesterday that they now support Novell Teaming + Conferencing in their mobile document access (MDA) software. Teaming + Conferencing is a new enterprise level social networking tool which allows groups of users around the globe to quickly and easily share documents, calendars, files, and discussion forums, and as we all know, enterprise social networking is getting awfully popular. WICKSoft Mobile Documents already gives access to Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and many other document types.

WICKSoft upgrades to 3.4, features full-fidelity file viewing


We spotted WICKSoft last Spring, sporting a virtual private network app which let you view files on your BlackBerry which were stored on your office network. Their latest upgrade to Mobile Documents has taken out the conversion process, so now you see your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs in their unfettered full-resolution glory. The set-up also lets you e-mail and fax those files willy-nilly, which is pretty handy. If you’re interested, the software works on Windows, Novell, and SharePoint environments, and you can give it a 30-day trial.