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NXNE 2011: Win a Trip to Osheaga in Montreal with BlackBerry


blackberry osheaga at nxne

This is probably one of the most confusing parties you’ll go to at NXNE, but it’s still pretty cool. BlackBerry (RIM), will be at the NXNE festival hosting a party where they’ll be giving away tickets to another, completely separate festival. If I were NXNE, I’d be happy to have RIM sponsoring parties but it would also hurt my feelers to know they’re promoting someone else’s festival at the same time. So if you’re in Toronto, head over to the BlackBerry presents: Osheaga 2011 party at The Garrison. Here are the details:

When: Friday, June 17th. Doors open 8PM and show at 9PM.
Where: The Garrison. 1197 Dundas St. W.
Why: You could win free tickets to Osheaga 2011 and there’s some other bands we’ve never heard of.

There’s also a surprise guest. Please, please, please, please, please don’t let it be Will.i.am. PLEASE!

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Will.i.am Launches App Company Will.i.apps with 360 Video


Demo of the BEP360 app

Will.i.am (or the much less cool “William”) has launched a new app company called Will.i.apps. Considering how much attention Will.i.am has given to BlackBerry over the years, and how much sponsorship RIM has kicked his way, we were expecting him to launch with BlackBerry but instead he’s gone iPhone.

The reason probably has to do with the launch of his first product, the 360 platform, which puts the user in the middle of the music video, allowing them to use augmented reality to look around the party. It’s an awesome feature and we’ve seen very few augmented reality apps for BlackBerry. Will.i.apps is taking a unique approach to apps that could change the way music videos are consumed on a mobile. Who knows, maybe it will do to music videos what 3D has done to the music industry.
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Dipdive Launches Love Stories Feature in Partnership with BlackBerry


We’ve given Dipdive some pretty negative reviews here on BlackBerryCool because the social network just didn’t seem to offer much compared to the plethora of other networks any given person has already signed up for. The social network is geared towards artists, musicians and entertainers, who “share a socially conscious mentality.” You have to wonder who that excludes, Charles Manson?

Dipdive has recently announced “Love Stories” in partnership with BlackBerry, so that users can celebrate what they love to do. To create your own Love Story, head over to Dipdive and give it a shot.

Maybe if they keep getting money from RIM, Dipdive will become the new MySpace.

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PlayBook Featured in the Latest Black Eyed Peas Video


PlayBook featured in the Black Eyed Peas video if you can bare to watch it.

There isn’t much being shown of the PlayBook in the latest BEP video, just Will.i.Am walking around looking through the camera as per the photo above. As usual, RIM’s marketing team for some reason absolutely adores Will.i.Am and they had to give him early access to the PlayBook for his video. Do you think it was a working model or just a prop for filming? If you really want to kill a few minutes, the video is after the jump.
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Meet BlackBerryCool at WES 2010: Stage Dancing, Shield and More


Nan Palmero and I, Matt Cameron, will be at WES 2010 representing BlackBerryCool so come say “hi” to us at the show. The above video is just a quick chat we had about the upcoming show, and the quality of the upload is so bad that I would suggest listening to it and avoiding the video.

When we recorded the video, we weren’t sure who the musical acts would be, but we now know it’s Bedouin Soundclash, Joss Stone and guest DJ will.i.am. Will.i.am will also be a panelist on Next Generation Mobile Users featuring futurist Ben Silverman, CEO and Founder of Electus.
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Dipdive Mobile for BlackBerry Reviewed


Dipdive is a social network created by will.i.am that began as a place to host the video “Yes We Can” and has expanded to be somewhat like MySpace. The social network looks as though it has a ton of funding from RIM, as videos on the site constantly feature people talking and using BlackBerrys, and the homepage advertises the Black Eyed Peas concert sponsored by BlackBerry.

I thought I would give Dipdive a try as RIM seem to be investing a lot of money in both Dipdive and the Black Eyed Peas, and their BlackBerry app is available as a free download. It’s hard to review the application without reviewing the social network as well, but they’re intertwined and both relevant.
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