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Rumor: BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Coming to Wind Mobile for $300


blackberry pearl 3G 9100

The newest Canadian carrier, WIND Mobile, may be getting the Pearl 3G 9100 in stock in a couple of days. The Pearl 3G might be sold for $300 with a $20 rebate. Considering the Bold 9700 is sold for $430 after a $20 rebate, this seems like a pretty good deal. The 9100 and the 9700 share a lot of the same internal specs, except the 9700 has a bigger screen and the 9100 supports the WiFi ‘n’ spectrum. We’ll soon see if these rumors are true.

WIND Mobile to offer prepaid BlackBerry Bold 9700



WIND Mobile have announced they will offer the Bold 9700 on a prepaid plan. While prepaid plans are hugely popular in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, postpaid dominates the North American markets. With no contract, the device goes for $450. This is a really decent price when you compare it to the fact that the Bold 9000 cost $680 with no contract a year ago.