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Microsoft to Migrate Over 100 Million Messenger Users to Skype


Yesterday Microsoft emailed their millions and million of Messenger users letting them know that they plan to retire their IM service in two months time and migrate all their accounts over to Skype.
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Control Your PC or Mac with Splashtop Remote Desktop for BlackBerry 10


Already on iOS, Android and the BlackBerry Playbook, Splashtop aims to be the premier remote desktop app for high-end smartphones and tablets. Splashtop has already announced that they’ll be supporting BlackBerry 10 making it easier than ever to control your Windows PC, Ubuntu Linux PC or Mac desktop from your soon to be released BlackBerry z10 device.
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Free App Task Manager for BlackBerry Updated


App Task Manager by S4BB is a cool utility app that lets you figure exactly what’s running on your BlackBerry allowing you to diagnose performance issues and save battery life by running less simultaneous apps.
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Fixmo Launches Windows Tethering App Fixmo Extend



Fixmo Extend has launched and it’s now available for purchase. The app is a tethering solution for Windows that is looking to focus on adding “dozens” of features as well as a smooth user experience, ease of connectivity and speed. Fixmo has a tiered pricing system that includes a free version that offers 50MBs of tether data each and every month. For heavier users, Fixmo is offering unlimited data for $14.99. Additionally, for users that participated in the Beta, they will receive a Mobihand coupon code by email which will give beta users nearly 50% the regular price, bringing the price to only $7.99. This is for a full version tether product, for unlimited data.
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Choose Your Favorite Smartphone and Donate to Fight Global Poverty


A new website developed by a group of engineering students and former Facebook and Microsoft employees called ChooseForChange.com is looking for people to choose their favorite smartphone and donate to help fight global poverty. The goal is to raise money for the World Partnership Walk, whose funds go directly to international development projects supported by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

It’s a fun idea and if you’re interested in donating to the cause, perhaps it makes more sense just to donate directly to the Aga Khan Foundation and get straight to where the funds will end up eventually. Or, if you’d like to support your favorite smartphone brand, you can always head over to ChooseForChange.com.

UPDATE: Spoke to the PR team and they said “The reason we wanted to build awareness about World Partnership Walk was because it is an event that is held across Canada annually. We wanted the external community to become a part of this and have the opportunity to take part. The World Partnership Walk is only affiliated with the Aga Khan Foundation so 100% of the proceeds will go directly there anyways.”

How to Side Load PlayBook Apps (Windows Only)


blackberry playbook

RIM seems to be going the way of Apple in some respects by forcing all PlayBook downloads to go through App World. For developers and users who want to get the apps on their PlayBook without using App World, there’s a side loading process that should help you out. The following guide comes courtesy of CMY in the Support Forums, who has been gracious to type up some instructions and distribute a .bat file you’ll need. Click through for the guide. Remember, this is only for Windows.
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