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Win7ows Theme Social Networking Edition with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare


Catalyst have a cool new Windows 7 theme with social networking features. The Win7ows theme features a shortcut menu on the homescreen for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. In order to use this feature, you need to have the official versions of each of these applications installed (Facebook for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry and Foursquare for BlackBerry). Also included in this theme is a Windows 7 Start Menu that allows you to add applications for quick access. Other features include:

  • Customized Icon on application screen and homescreen (Windows style)
  • Customized battery meter and signal meter
  • Transition effects on OS 5.0
  • Choose among 3 Windows 7 wallpapers you like in the wallpaper menu (homescreen)

Check out the Win7ows: Social Networking Edition premium BlackBerry theme.

WIN7Like BlackBerry theme for a Windows experience



HedoneDesign launched their WIN7Like theme for all those Windows fans out there. The designers did a great job of making this theme available across the board, from the 8100 to the 9700. It’s also on sale. From now until December 22nd, you can pick it up for $3.99. After that, price jumps up to $6.99.

Get a copy of the WIN7Like theme for $3.99.

Windows Vista replica BlackBerry theme VISTALike



HedoneDesign have a new theme and this one is a Windows Vista replica. The theme features some clean graphics and classic icons for the homescreen. Hedone have also included a wallpaper expansion pack for additional customization on this theme.

The VISTALike theme comes in Zen, Today and Today Plus and is available for $3.49 until November 6th (regularly $6.99).

The SCO Group updates HipCheck


The SCO Group logoHipCheck, from The SCO Group, allows IT administrators to monitor their UNIX and Windows servers for errors. Users can set triggers for certain event alerts, and respond to them by changing parameters or executing commands right from their phone. The update adds a new Audit Trail feature, which lets you view past event logs, including actions taken, from a selectable number of days. The logs can be sorted by user name, the name of the server, or activity type. Other features include an updated UI, support for additional UNIX variants, better executable command support, and more.

WorldMate Live adds Mac support and new email services


If you’ve somehow missed WorldMate Live, we’ve got you covered with a review, a spotlight, and a podcast. The software is a must-have for any globetrotter, allowing you to create itineraries and check world clocks, flight status, weather and more. Their latest update adds support for reading travel confirmation emails from a number of web-based email services including Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail. Users can forward confirmations to WorldMate’s confirmation address to have them automatically added to their itinerary and pushed to their BlackBerry, or have their travel agents skip the middleman and send them directly to WorldMate. They’ve also added Safari support, so Mac users can jump in on the action as well. If you’d like to get 6 months of WML’s premium service, you should check out our Weekly Contest

Two new themes hit bPlay


VistaJust when you thought you could avoid the OS wars by using a handheld other than the iPhone or a Windows Mobile device, bPlay releases two new themes for the faithful to wave their respective flags. WinDesktop and MacBerry Tiger have brought the feud to your BlackBerry. Even at BBCool HQ, the battle lines between Windows and Mac have been drawn, with both blood and tears shed over the bitter conflict. The cost of waging your own OS war is a mere $6.99.