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RIM withdraws Certicom hostile takeover bid


RIM logoWhen I posted yesterday that it seemed like RIM was nearing a point in their pursuit of Certicom where they’d have to cut their loses and quit, I didn’t realize they were standing on it (maybe I know more about hostile takeovers than I previously thought).

After mulling over options to appeal Monday’s Ontario Superior Court order granting Certicom’s request for an injunction, RIM in the end decided to withdraw their CDN $66 million hostile takeover bid, saying the ruling had left them no option.

Monday’s Ontario Superior Court order granting Certicom’s request for an injunction meant the conditions of the offer made in December could no longer be met, RIM said in a statement.

While this is obviously a fairly public black eye for RIM, I wonder if they’re better off in the long run failing to acquire Certicom. Whatever value the company has in technology or personnel, it would have been a logistical nightmare trying to integrate a company that had fought tooth and nail to remain independent.

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RIM may appeal court order on Certicom offer


RIM logoThe ongoing struggle between RIM and Certicom continues. When last we left these two companies, RIM had extended their offer to Certicom shareholders until January 27th.

Since then, the Ontario Superior Court has granted Certicom’s request for an injunction, and blocked RIM’s hostile takeover. RIM is now reportedly mulling its options and considering an appeal to the Superior Court. Without an appeal, the court action would also prohibit RIM from participating in any auction for Certicom without Certicom’s permission.

Unfamiliar in the ways of hostile takeovers, I’m not certain at what point RIM should decide to cut its losses and quit pursuing Certicom, but I’m certain they’re nearing it.

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Your BlackBerry does not cause eye cancer


Lost in the flowing rush of mobile technology is the potential effects of all those electrons and radio waves on our bodies after extended use. I’m sure it’s something most BlackBerry users don’t think about while taking a call or writing an email, but it certainly deserves pause for consideration.

Thankfully, the January 13 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has crossed one potential concern off the list. A study contained within the issue reports that mobile phone use is not associated with the risk of melanoma of the eye. Although there is no direct link between exposure to radio waves and DNA damage, which can lead to cancer, studies have examined the possibility of an association between mobile phone use and melanoma of the eye, also called uveal melanoma.

“In conclusion, we observed no overall increased risk of uveal melanoma among regular mobile phone users or users of radio sets in Germany, where digital mobile phone technology was introduced in the early 1990s,” the authors write.

Whew! Now if we could only get these doctors to find a cure for BlackBerry Thumb.

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MTN-Rwandacell and Rwandatel launch BlackBerry service


We have some happy news today, as another country has joined the BlackBerry Nation. Rwandan carriers MTN-Rwandacell and Rwandatel have announced official support for BlackBerry service is coming soon. While there is no set device listing or official launch date, Rwandacell insiders note that BlackBerry devices can already run on their network. You can most likely expect the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl at launch for both carriers.

Rwanda will join regional counterparts Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda currently using Blackberry services. Welcome to the club!

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Motorola to cut 50% of handset operation?


If even a year ago you had told me that in early 2009 Palm would be resurgent and Motorola would inching ever closer to the deadpool, I would have slapped you like a young Cary Grant and sent you to the looney bin. Well, make room for me too, because it seems like the whole world has gone looney tunes.

Our friends at Phone Scoop are reporting that Motorola’s handset division is expecting a large round of layoffs as soon as this week. While Moto’s set top box, networking equipment and enterprise device businesses will not be affected, up to 50% of the entire handset operation may be gone. Phone Scoop is also reporting that Motorola will not have a booth at CTIA in Vegas this April, and is looking to launch only a dozen handsets per year, all based on Google’s Android OS.

Sad times for a company that used to define cellphone cool with the RAZR, and had a decent BlackBerry competitor in the Moto Q. Here’s hoping that putting all their eggs in the Android basket will save the company.

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Verizon/Alltel deal to close on January 9th


Verizon WirelessVerizon and AT&T have been neck and neck for the right to call themselves America’s largest carrier, but on January 9th there will be one clear leader. Verizon has announced that their purchase of Alltel, the fifth largest telecom in the United States, will close on January 9th. The merger will bring Verizon’s total share of the market to a whopping 85.2 million wireless subscribers.

The deal includes paying $5.9 billion for Alltel’s privately held equity, as well as assuming $22.2 billion in debt. To finance this massive purchase Verizon Wireless has received commitments from eight financial institutions to provide $17 billion of cold, hard liquidity. It looks like the Verizon ‘can you hear me now’ guy will be working overtime to check up on all his new customers.

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