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RIM Legal Kills Popular BlackBerry OS 6 Theme by WJD Designs


The OS 6 theme by WJD Designs was by far one of the best OS 6 themes available. The theme has recently been pulled from the Mobihand network in response to action by RIM legal and is no longer available.

This is bad news for a few reasons. For one, killing the OS 6 theme by WJD Designs sends a message to all theme developers that you could at any moment be at the mercy of RIM’s inflated and unfocused legal team. Second, it sends a message to the users that regardless of whether or not RIM will be able to support their device with OS 6, you may not be able to purchase a theme that tries to effectively mimic the UI and style. Third, it shows RIM’s legal and marketing departments are totally uncoordinated at the detriment of the organization at large.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and RIM should see the success of the OS 6 theme as a compliment. What if the company took the complete opposite approach and invited WJD Designs to help create an official OS 6 theme that would be given free to all users who do not have a device that can support OS 6? Not only would the entire community be appreciative, but you would be sending a message to theme developers that if you create something the community loves, you will be rewarded.
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BlackBerry OS 6 Themes by WJD Designs and MMMOOO


We have been talking a lot about which BlackBerrys will be getting an OS 6 upgrade and it looks like 512MB of RAM might be the memory cutoff. If true, it would mean the Bold 9650 is the only device currently in circulation that would get the upgrade. Until you get your hands on a modern device, Theme Designers are doing their best to bring some of that experience to the user. Currently, I’m using the OS 6 theme by WJD Designs, and it’s very well done. It has some minor glitches such as lag, but it includes some nice transitions and menu features.

MMMOOO has just launched its OS 6 theme, and it also looks pretty clean. The MMMOOO OS 6 theme comes with a clean green homescreen and a hidden dock and OS 6 icons. Overall, these two OS 6 themes offer a nice variety of options for users who want the OS 6 look on their device.

Check out the OS 6 theme by WJD Designs in the BlackBerryCool Store.

The OS 6 theme by MMMOOO is also available from our store.

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