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What Happened? Only 500 Women Applied to Alicia Keys’ BlackBerry Scholars Program


The BlackBerry Scholars Program is an incredible opportunity for women to get involved in industries that are typically male dominated such as maths and sciences. The program offered a four-year scholarship program for outstanding women around the world that are entering their first year of undergraduate study at an accredited college or university. The potential applicant pool is enormous, so when I heard that only 500+ women actually applied to the program, I was baffled.

Here’s a thought: if you’re looking to attract intelligent, technology-minded women to a scholarship fund for maths and sciences, maybe Alicia Keys wasn’t the most representative leader.
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New Hannah Montana BlackBerry theme to placate your preteen daughter


Hannah Montana theme for BlackBerry

Bplay just released fresh Hannah Montana theme for BlackBerry following the surprising popularity of their recent Tinker Bell theme. I know we’ve talked plenty about how pink paint jobs on devices can capture the female market, but I never really thought that would extend to 13-year-olds. But hey, them young’uns love to text, so might as well give ‘em what they want. Pink Girl, Pink Heart and Tickled Pink are some other slightly feminine, slightly youthful themes that might interest the same crowd.


Women are buying more smartphones, pink is a factor


Pink Verizon BlackBerry PearlThe New York Times has an article out today spotlighting the growing trend of women with smartphones, and of course, it’s filled with iPhone-related data. For example, did you know that one out of every three iPhones were purchased by a woman? Significantly, this number is a result of a doubling of the number of women using smartphones in the past year, to 10.4 million (women accounted for only one in four of every iPhone purchase as recently as October).

Suggested reasons for the upsurge? Cheaper phones with more appealing designs, such as the now $99 BlackBerry Pearl, the elimination of the geek stigma to purchasing a smartphone, and an ever-increasing need to keep in touch with family members. Perhaps also the color pink:

We picked a shade of pink that fit in all kinds of settings β€” not too flashy,” said Mark Guibert, vice president for corporate marketing at RIM. β€œIt was the only color that was purely driven by the female audience. Years ago the market was much more focused solely on function. Now there is more focus on lifestyle.

Pink: is there anything it can’t do?

(via NYT)