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WorldMate Live goes 3.0 with new location aware features



WorldMate Live is a must have application for any traveler. It takes the stress away from managing itineraries, converting currencies and staying on top of meetings while in a foreign country.

WorldMate Live 3.0 has just been released and they have added some great features to their essential travel tool.

WorldMate Live is a free application with premium services available to Gold level members. With the free membership, you get the WorldMate Live Outlook Add-In, WorldMate Live Website services including itinerary management, world clocks, weather, currency converter, and a world map.

One of the best new features includes location based services from Yelp. Now WoldMate can find you great restaurants, shopping venues and nightlife including ratings and reviews powered by Yelp.

Another feature with 3.0 includes the ability to automatically add rail bookings to your itineraries. This feature is great for those traveling Europe, as it’s the easiest way to travel between countries. Now you can forward your bookings on Amtrak, Eurostar, TheTrainLine and other popular long-distance rail providers and automatically have them added to your itinerary.

Purchase a year’s subscription of WorldMate Live 3.0 for $99.95 or on a free trial. If you’re already a Gold Member, upgrade now.