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WorldMate Live adds Mac support and new email services


If you’ve somehow missed WorldMate Live, we’ve got you covered with a review, a spotlight, and a podcast. The software is a must-have for any globetrotter, allowing you to create itineraries and check world clocks, flight status, weather and more. Their latest update adds support for reading travel confirmation emails from a number of web-based email services including Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail. Users can forward confirmations to WorldMate’s confirmation address to have them automatically added to their itinerary and pushed to their BlackBerry, or have their travel agents skip the middleman and send them directly to WorldMate. They’ve also added Safari support, so Mac users can jump in on the action as well. If you’d like to get 6 months of WML’s premium service, you should check out our Weekly Contest

Weekly Contest: Bon Voyage


Bon VoyageLast week we talked a bit about going where no BlackBerrys had gone before, mostly to hilariously dangerous consequences. Of course, not all the places you’ve taken your BlackBerry are threats to its structural integrity – maybe you’ve shot out a few e-mails from the Sahara, or taken a call from Mount Everest (I hear the reception’s pretty good), or grabbed a few snaps in the Arctic with your Curve. Wherever you’ve been, let’s hear the most exotic place you’ve used your BlackBerry. The winner will get 6 months of Gold service from WorldMate Live to set them up on their next trip.

Last week’s winner behind the jump…

WorldMate Live updated


WorldMate LiveThe BlackBerry travel companion of choice just shot off their first newsletter, announcing a few changes to WorldMate Live. For one, the Outlook plugin has been smoothed over with improved compatibility with older versions of Outlook. The biggest change is being able to add and edit itinerary items right from your BlackBerry. This was my primary gripe with WorldMate Live, and it’s great to see the improvement made. It wasn’t even much of a problem, but really just a gap in function. Another cool feature is the ability to CC WorldMate Live for travel confirmations so that bookings are immediately reflected in your itinerary without needing to put it all in through Outlook. This is a great app that helps you keep all of your travel plans together in one spot, so go ahead and sign up for free, and if you’re already hooked up, you can grab the Gold subscription here, which includes flight alerts, status and schedules, along with a handy travel directory and 24/7 customer support.

Review: WorldMate Live


WorldMate LiveWorldMate Live has quickly become the BlackBerry user’s companion of choice, and for good reason. By using a highly-detailed but cleanly-designed web interface to take in your travel information (such as transportation, lodging, and scheduled meetings), information for entire trips can get pushed out to your BlackBerry and keep you on track the whole visit. Extras such as a time zone calculator, currency converter, weather, phone directories and BlackBerry Maps integration make WorldMate Live a no-brainer for anyone hitting the skies.

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Plan your travelling on BlackBerry for free


Hayden posted this great free app called on Pinstack, WorldMate Live, which lets you manage flight information right from your BlackBerry. Let’s let the video do the talking, because it’s pretty good.

Pocket Express
offers free flight status checking too, but if you’re looking for a single dedicated this looks like the ticket. You can download WorldMate Live to your desktop here or over the air here.

WorldMate Live beta for BlackBerry announced


WorldMate LiveMobiMate, a mobile travel service provider, announced today the launch of WorldMate Live for BlackBerry. The solution is an automated service providing frequent fliers with up-to-date flight status and other useful information to their BlackBerry. World-weary travelers can use WorldMate like a personal travel assistant, with customized flight-update alerts, schedules and itinerary, and meeting notifications.

WorldMate Live will be available August 2nd in beta form. Go here for more info.