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Pandas vs Ninjas Game Now Available for Free


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XIMAD Launches Angry Birds Clone Game Pandas vs Ninjas for BlackBerry


pandas vs ninjas by ximad

After thinking about it a little more, we love Angry Birds clones. The game style is a lot of fun and switching up the animations is no different than the millions of Brick Breaker clones. XIMAD has recently launched Pandas vs Ninjas, an Angry Birds alternative. The game features some cute animations and is void of any advertising. This game doesn’t really require any explanation as we’re all familiar with the catapult style game. It would be nice if there was a free trial, even if it was just one level, but the reviews so far seem positive.

Check out Pandas vs Ninjas in App World.

For any iPhone users out there, you might like Angry Hipsters.

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Learn More About Some of the Developers Submitting to App World


app world

We’re always curious which developers are submitting a portfolio of apps to App World. In this case, we’re more concerned with apps such as a game, utility or IM client, and much less so an eBook, audio book or theme. It’s a difficult process to compile a list of popular developers because there isn’t a good way of sorting through the data to find who has submitted a large portfolio of apps. In order to do this, we’re simply starting with the developers we’re familiar with through BlackBerryCool, and doing a little searching on the side. This article will get better as more people comment their findings too, so feel free to comment the developer’s vendor page with the number of apps they’ve submitted and we’ll add them to the list. Click through to read about some interesting developers.
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XIMAD Launches Brain Cube and Previews Droplets Game for PlayBook


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XIMAD has recently launched a new BlackBerry game called Brain Cube. The game involves navigating a rectangular block around obstacles in order to reach the end of the level. Brain Cube has several levels with varying difficulty and features social integration so you can share it easily with people in your network.

The company is also previewing their upcoming PlayBook game Droplets. The game has some nice-looking graphics and it’s also of the puzzle genre. Check out some of the screenshots in App World.

BlackBerry may not have a reputation for being much of a gaming platform but as long as companies like XIMAD keep developing great games, perception will change.

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Free 5001 Amazing Facts App by XIMAD with Email Sharing Feature


amazing facts app screenshot

XIMAD let us know about their free 5001 Amazing Facts app that is available free in App World. The app has some funny facts in it, including the above which reads “It is estimated that at any one time, around 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk.” Overall, 5001 Amazing Facts looks like it could be a fun little time-waster, assuming the facts are accurate. One funny review on App World reads: “I stopped after it told me that karate began in India and was developed in China. Others sounded bogus, too, but that one was glaringly bad.”

Get it in app world
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