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Sirius XM Radio Coming to BlackBerry in January



Go a tip from Miguel at LaBlackBerry that Sirius XM Radio is rumored to be releasing an app for BlackBerry within the coming weeks.

The app will be much like the iPhone version, and for the initial launch, Sirius XM for BlackBerry be be available for the following handsets:

BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Storm2 9550
BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 9700
BlackBerry Tour 9630
BlackBerry Curve 8900, 8520 and 8530
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XM launches radio on BlackBerry


XMHow does 20 commercial-free, 24-hour radio stations on your BlackBerry sound? Pretty good, especially for $7.99/month. QuickPlay and XM Radio have teamed up to bring comedy, country, talk, hip-hop and any other radio station you would want to hear to your BlackBerry. AT&T’s been supporting XM radio services for a little while, but the service is significantly opened up and expanded with this QuickPlay partnership. Any BlackBerry packing OS 4.2 and up is good to go, so head on over to www.xmradio.com/bb for a free 24-hour trial. Stay tuned for more news out of Las Vegas!


AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 ready to roll


Blackberry 8820AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 has been officially announced today, packing both GPS and Wi-Fi under the hood and hitting store shelves tomorrow. The 8820 will also be coming bundled with AT&T’s Mobile Music, which gives access to XM Satellite Radio, among other music services. You’ll have to fork over $299.99 on a two-year contract for this beauty. This wasn’t exactly the soft launch we were thinking of, but quietly getting the devices into stores for a nearly day-of announcement is a pretty good way of building up hype. After all, which announcement gets you more excited: “It’s coming next week”, or “It’s coming tomorrow”?

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