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Tazzle IT: Easy, secure printing and file transfers from your BlackBerry to your desktop



The Tazzle IT system offers quick, easy, and secure desktop viewing and printing for files and photos on your BlackBerry. This easy to set up USB Bluetooth device provides secure access to your BlackBerry files from your PC.

The fastest and easiest way to view, print and send e-mail message content, attachments, files, and photos from a BlackBerry® smartphone to any PC using Tazzle Desktop Software. This unique hardware and software combination effectively turns the PC into an instant peripheral for a BlackBerry smartphone, allowing direct access to the PC’s screen, printing, and storage capabilities, while securing the privacy and data on the smartphone and the PC.

Here’s a video detailing how easy it is to set up and use Tazzle IT.

Tazzle IT is recommended for most newer model BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900, and BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphones. While Tazzle IT will run on older BlackBerry devices, performance on these devices has not been optimized. The Tazzle IT Desktop Software runs on Windows XP. Tazzle IT is priced at $79.95 and on sale at www.tazzleit.com.