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Free Talk to Text App from Microsoft and Yap on Sprint


Talk-to-Text is a free app that lets you talk your emails and SMS rather than type them. The application was developed by Microsoft using Yap’s speech recognition service and is available to all Blackberry users on the Sprint network. While I haven’t personally tried it, I have tried other apps with Yap’s speech recognition technology. Yap does a good job of translating speech to text and this app is worth a download if you drive a lot.

Download Talk-to-Text from Microsoft.

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IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging


Yap voice-to-text

SHAPE has been getting some bad feedback about their IM clients but they’re listening and are making improvements to their applications. Their latest update to IM+ for BlackBerry includes voice-to-text functionality powered by Yap.

With the latest speech recognition technology, users will be able to dictate their instant messages and send them as text to their contacts in Facebook, AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM.

Although I would use this product, it’s fun to joke about the social awkwardness surrounding voice-to-text instant messaging. What about the conversations you text that you don’t want people hearing? Let’s hope SEXting doesn’t make its way to voice-to-text.

I’ll let you know when a Beta version is out for you to try.



MyCaption uses Yap technology and human editors for accuracy



MyCaption is a voice-to-text app that we have written about a few times. The company has announced today that it will be using speech recognition technology from Yap, Inc. to drive their business applications for BlackBerry and PBX Voicemail.

Personally, I’ve tried MyCaption and found it incredibly accurate. Although I don’t use it for enterprise purposes, I have found a great consumer use. Whenever I get emails from old friends or coworkers that I need to reply to, but am a little too lazy to type out, I can just talk the email to MyCaption and it translates it surprisingly well.

If you’re an enterprise user, MyCaption will accurately voice-write your email, memos, tasks, contact notes and calendar entries on a BlackBerry. Other features include support for multiple email accounts, ample dictation time, text review and customizable dictionary.

The last time we posted about this company, many commented on the fact that Vlingo provides the same service. Apparently, MyCaption uses a mix of speech recognition technology and human editors, to improve accuracy levels. This mixed technology could be a blessing for business-length messages.

Purchase MyCaption for you BlackBerry for $10.